Alfred asks Tiger, “How many shots you want”?

Who is Alfred? The above quote is relevant because Alfred is the second ball. How often is the second ball played exactly the way we want? The result of missing the shot or more likely, the putt, has already occurred, so there are no thoughts or anxiety about the shot, and we end up performing the way we intended.

We can become so focused on the outcome that we simply forget about the process it takes to execute the shot at hand. Focusing on the outcome of a shot and what can happen usually causes us to become physically or mentally tight, which causes us to “hold onto the shot.”


One way to practice mentally is by playing an entire round, as if it was the second ball. We get out of our own way and just execute golf shots. It takes some practice pretending that it is a second ball, but what we discover about ourselves is how much better we can perform while we don’t become preoccupied with the outcome.

Dr. Rob Bell is the author of Mental Toughness Training for Golf, certified sport psychology consultant, and assistant professor of sport psychology. His website is drrobbell.com


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Dr. Rob Bell

is a certified sport psychology consultant of The Association of Applied Sport Psychology. He has PGA Tour credentials and has worked with winners on the PGA, Nationwide, Mini-Tours, and Collegiate events. Occasionally caddying on tour as well, he is the author of the book: Mental Toughness Training for Golf. His sport psychology research involves the Yips in Golf and has been published in numerous academic journals. He is the owner of Dr Rob Bell LLC, in Indianapolis.

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  1. freegolfbettingtips

    it puzzled my mind who is alfred after i read this article i just know who is alfred all about.tiger is right that we are so focused on the outcome that we simply forget about the process it takes to execute the shot at hand. we always think of the result but on how we do it sometimes we forget.

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