Essential Training Products to boost your confidence in all areas of your game

Audio sessions and pdf workbooks for the Mental Game, Practice and Putting.

Mental Game Training Manual and Audios

  • How to use VISUALIZATION
  • How To Find Good Swing Thoughts
  • Developing Mental Toughness
  • Powerful success triggers
  • The Best Pre-round Warm-Up For Success
  • How To Assess Your Performance
  • How to play better under PRESSURE
  • How to play with a QUIET MIND and better focus

“David MacKenzie is truly an expert in coaching the performance skills of the mental side of golf. For what is complicated for most to communicate, David does in a simple, clear, and effective way. His ideas help golfers shoot lower scores and enjoy the game more.”

Rick Sessinghaus
Editor, Golf Tips Magazine
Build Mental Toughness Now!

The Golf State of Mind Practice System

  • Do you know what or how you should be practicing?
  • The system is based on the Tour player "1/3 system" to practice.
  • Once you've established your "performance targets", you will need to set your "process goals" i.e. how you will get there.
  • This book contains over 50 drills and games (you'll get lifetime updates) to help you simulate the pressure you feel on the course. It will make transitioning your game from the range to the course a breeze!

“David’s coaching highlights the difference that makes a difference. When you practice these fundamentals you not only remove self imposed interference, but it returns you to your natural brilliance. Simple and deceptively brilliant.”

Peter Taylor
English Golf Union
Practice Like A Tour Player

The Golf State of Mind Putting System

  • Do you know the habits of all great putters?
  • This book takes you through them, which include:
  • Module 1: The 9 Step Putting Process
  • Module 2: How To Putt Better Under Pressure
  • Module 3: The Best Putting Warm Up
  • Module 4: The Putting Fundamentals
  • Module 5: What’s Your Putting Style?
  • Module 6: Putting practice drills
  • Module 7: Keeping track of your progress
  • Module 8: Curing the yips

“David’s teaching cuts through all the noise in golf coaching and gets to the heart of what’s really needed to consistently improve.”

Benn Barham
European Tour Player

Pre-round Confidence Booster Audios

  • Enjoy the round no matter how you play
  • Control your nerves and maintain an optimal level of excitement
  • Feel like there’s no limit to your scoring potential
  • Shift your focus from score to process, for better shots
  • “Bounceback” by reframing your mind after you’ve hit a poor shot
  • Own your swing and have more control over the golf ball instead of trying a million different swing thoughts.

“In David MacKenzie, you have a coach who really understands and applies the simple but profound truth.”

Karl Morris
Performance coach to six major winners
Boost your CONFIDENCE in 30 mins