Mental Golf Commandments: Trust Thyself

“I trust myself, my assessment of the hole, my club choice.” Can you honestly say this about yourself right now? That you trust yourself in your assessment of the hole. Where you would like your ball to land, how the greens read, how far to hit the ball, how the ball will react to the lay of the land? And beyond that, do you trust your choice of club to initiate this plan? Further yet, do you trust your swing, grip, stance?


Trust is an important factor in playing good golf, just as it is in making any decisions in life. Similar to confidence, trust is built over time. Some people learn from a young age to trust themselves in decision making, to weigh how things feel, and to trust their gut feelings. Others grow up feeling every decision they make is wrong, incorrect, or inadequate. If you are in the foremost mentioned group, you probably find it easy to trust, make decisions and follow through in action. If you are in the latter group, well, you have some work to do.

Start to observe yourself in life and on the golf course. Watch how often you doubt yourself, your abilities, or your decision. Also notice that, at times, you have gut feelings guiding you to choose a club or make a decision… see how often you doubt this feeling, make a different choice, then wish you would have listened to yourself the first time. With the awareness you gain from these observation, begin the process of trusting yourself.


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Dawn Grant

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  1. Troy Vayanos

    Great article, great advice not just for golfers but for everyone in all walks of life.


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