Over 40 Proven Practice Drills And Games To Improve Your Confidence and Lower Your Handicap

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Time is precious. Make every second count; The most effective practice drills from over 15 years of coaching

It’s extremely important that you make the most out of every second you spend on the driving range, short game area or practice green.

I’ve been coaching for over 15 years and I know what works and what doesn’t. I put together 40+ practice drills and games to help others learn immediately what took me years to figure out.

These drills are right from the PGA Tour play book and are designed to put your game under pressure and work every area, so you can build confidence for the course. This compilation of practice drills WORK and will save you time and improve your game quickly. For a limited time, I’m offering a special for $9.95 and with the golf season now underway, it’s the perfect time to take this opportunity.

Adam-Gee-Golf-Expert-800_2500289“David’s unique approach to coaching makes improving so simple. It’s amazing how a change in perspective towards what’s really important can make such a huge difference..”
– Adam Gee, European PGA Tour player and former World Amateur No.1

The 40 practice drills that will quickly improve your game:

Driving Range Practice

  • Pressure drills – simulate the pressure on the course
  • Play the course on the range
  • Feel drills on the range
  • Playing blind and feeling the shot shape
  • 1 club, 3 distances
  • 80% Effort drill
  • Building a Shot Library
  • 3 Wedges, 9 shots
  • The good miss drill
  • Narrow your focus drill
  • Fundamentals Practice drill
  • Shot routine practice (on course game too)

Short Game Practice

  • Beat 15 drill
  • Hole out drill
  • Bunker drills
  • Slam Dunk Drill
  • Chip and run drill
  • Par 18 Short Game Drill
  • Box drill
  • The Penny drill
  • Old school drill

Putting Practice

  • Distance control warm up (pre-round)
  • Sharpening your vision (pre-round)
  • Putting routine practice drill
  • Sound of success drill
  • How to make the hole seem bigger than it is
  • Pressure putting
  • A great feel drill
  • Short putting drill
  • Phil Mickelson’s drill for short putts
  • N-S-E-W Drill
  • Repetition and routine drill
  • Lag putting drill
  • Box drill
  • Finding out your dominant hand drill
  • Distance control drill
  • Take your body out of the stroke drill
  • How to develop a true roll drill
  • Banging in the nail drill
  • Consistent ball striking drill

All these drills have been proven by the elite players I’ve worked with. Don’t waste time any more time practicing in the wrong way! How you decide to use your practice time now will determine the player you are in 6 months from now…

GSOM Top 40 Practice Drills for $9.95

“Having David as part of my team has given me an extra edge needed on the Tour.” – James Heath, European PGA Tour


“David's teaching cuts through all the noise in golf coaching and gets tothe heart of what's really needed to consistently improve.” – Benn Barham, European PGA Tour


peter taylor english golf union “David’s eBook highlights the difference that makes a difference. When you practice these fundamentals you not only remove self imposed interference, but it returns you to your natural brilliance. Simple and deceptively brilliant.” – Peter Taylor, Golf Mind Coach, English Golf Union

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