5 Short Game Mental Keys to Stick it Close

Learn The Scorers Mentality Within 50 yds a.k.a "The Scoring Zone"

The more we can visualize and become committed to a shot, the more our body knows exactly what it needs to do to execute it. Make these steps part of your pre-shot routine and I know you’ll save several precious shots per round.

1. Decide on the right shot to play.

This really depends on the situation but what is important is to get committed to the shot. Generally speaking (and this is more for shots that are closer to the green), you want the shot that gets the ball onto the green as quickly as possible and gets it rolling to the hole (the more of the green you can use the better).

2. Read the green.

If you’re close enough, take a look at the undulations on the green to see what the ball is going to do when it hits it. Knowing this can make the difference between a tap in or a 20 footer.


3. Pick your spot (s).

This is absolutely critical for all short game shots. If you don’t have a really targeted spot on the green to land the ball on, you’re simply wasting shots. Find that spot to hone in on.

Next stand behind the ball and pick a spot 6 inches in front of the ball (directly between the ball and the target) that you’ll be aligning the club-face to.

4. Visualize the shot.

With your practice swings, visualize exactly how that shot will look. Become completely immersed it. See it’s trajectory, where it will land and see it roll out to the roll and go in. Thoughts about the technique required to play it have to be completely eliminated. It’s just you, your target and that shot, right up until the ball leaves the club-face.

5. Make a good strike.

When you’re about to play your shot, take a few looks up at your spot and again, see the whole shot. Concentrate on nothing but strike during the shot itself.

Give this a go and I’ve no doubt you’ll “see” the difference. Stay tuned for my next article on the perfect putting routine.

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