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This course is designed to help you learn the Mental Game Fundamentals

  • Your mind controls the shot
  • Lose expectations and the ego
  • Make Your Game About Visualization and Feel not swing mechanics
  • Get out of your comfort zone to better scores
  • Embrace nerves and prevent choking in the big events
  • Become a scrambler
  • Let go of the golf swing and find the target
  • Set the right goals for the round and your season
  • Focus and concentrate on the positive
  • Build confidence and hone a shot routine
  • Commit, trust your swing and eliminate self doubt
  • Relax and enjoy the game in between shots
  • What to do when you feel nerves and pressure
  • Feel like you can hole every shot within 50 yards
  • Develop a sound course strategy to avoid the “big numbers”
  • Accept EVERY shot, good or bad, and move onto the next
  • Pre-round warm up (Putting, Short Game and Driving Range)
  • Stay in the present when you’re close to your best score or winning your match
  • Post round analysis, so you can make the most of your practice
  • How to make your game about visualization and feel instead of technical thoughts