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Does missing a key shot affect the way you play the rest of your game?

Isn’t it time you take a few minutes to bring your mental game up to par?

Fun. Effective. Quick results. A one-of-a-kind program selected by the PGA Center for Learning & Performance.

  • Runs a full diagnostic of mental game skills with its comprehensive
    assessment test
  • Rates and compares graphically your mental game skills to golfers of same handicap
  • Customizes the right golf mental coaching program that matches your needs
  • Tracks and evaluates every
    training session
  • Generates maximum benefits in minimum time



Target Oriented Golf – 20% OFF TODAY ONLY (with Coupon Code GSOM)


Colin Cromack and Dr Antony Piparo have developed an independent golf coaching program which produces precise mechanics, quiet mind and eyes, 100% Target orientation, drills to transfer practice skills to on-course conditions, and stress relief techniques to assist in inhibiting/reversing the effects of the fight-or-flight reflex triggered whenever you perceive a “pressure” situation.

If you think about precision archers, basketball players shooting free throws, baseball pitchers and marksmen, the most successful commit 100% of their Attention to their Target. Golfers lose sight of their Target due to erroneous thoughts whilst looking at the golf ball. Technical and mental skills are typically trained in isolation. TOG is the mortar which binds transforming both your practice and play. Our work reveals why golfers often look but do not SEE targets when putting, chipping, pitching and driving. Come and discover the Psychology of Aiming.

Take 31 steps (a mix of quizzes, lectures, videos), with help from Colin and Tony at any point along the way!

What skills will you learn uniquely from the Target Oriented Golf coaching program?

· Develop precision in your swing mechanics FREE of conscious, destructive swing thoughts.

· Learn how to Train your technical skills with deliberate practice at home and on range.

· Develop “quiet eyes” to eliminate the movements which compromises solid ball striking.

· Inhibit the effects of stress and anxiety so you perform in competition as in practice.

· Develop the same precision, consistency and accuracy for putting, chipping and pitching.

· Develop a single Pre-Shot mental (not just physical) process for use with every golf shot.

· Discover why Attentional Focus lies at the heart of how you learn and perform in golf.

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Adam-Gee-Golf-Expert-800_2500289“The mental game is without a doubt the major difference between the amateur and Tour Pro. The Golf State of Mind Training System is a highly effective way to learn and practice it and take you closer to the optimal mind-set.”
– Adam Gee, European PGA Tour player and former World Amateur No.1

The purpose of the Golf State of Mind teaching is for you to:

  • Use every minute you spend practicing as effectively as possible
  • Increase self-belief and confidence to enjoy more consistent golf by developing the mental toughness you need to rise to all the challenges you will face. This means you will develop the ability to stay positive, focused, and be decisive
  • Take the variations in energy (ups and downs, negatives and positives) and push them all in the same positive direction, so we play more consistently and steadily improve with each round and practice
  • Use your skills naturally without the negative interferences that would normally hold you back

So that you achieve…

The Golf State of Mind, aka “The Zone” with more frequency.

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THINQ GOLF – 20% OFF TODAY (use coupon code Black202013)


Dr. Debbie and Tim Suzor have teamed up to bring an understanding of the necessary cognitive skills for performance to the masses-while having FUN in a challenging and addictive game series with THINQ Golf. These games are not only enjoyable, but a terrific transfer for mental game improvement to our golf games and can assist with a better, balanced brain for life and work too.

ThinQ Golf features a suite of mental golf games developed to train golfers to achieve a more balanced mental state and maximize overall Q under a variety of golf conditions.

Awareness: When athletes find themselves in “the Zone,” they’re experiencing a state of heightened awareness. With that in mind, here’s the goal: to summon up and achieve that zone of heightened awareness every time it’s needed. The good news for golfers who want to improve their game is this—awareness can be enhanced with practice…and that’s where the ThinkQ Golf Awareness Game comes in..

Attention: is where and how we choose to focus our thoughts. Importantly, attention is the final influence before and during motion in sport. In golf, the ball and what we intend to do with it are essential targets of attention. Because our attention typically flows through sightlines, improved focus on the ball (watch your club hit it, watch it fly or roll) can facilitate lower golf scores.

Synchronicity: means happening at the same time. In golf, synchronizing the motion of a swing from start to finish produces phenomenal results. It improves distance and accuracy and lowers scores. The ThinQ Golf Synchronicity Game trains the visual and motor systems to be in optimal coordination. Play it and you can develop split-second motor reaction time to the external world, the ball, and the target.