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The sad truth about most golfers

As a mental game coach, I get emails everyday asking the same question:

I’ve lost confidence in my golf game. What do I do?

“Confidence is something that is gained by having a reliable and repeatable process and knowing what to do to control your emotions. This breeds confidence with every round” is my response.

This process that I talk about is the very essence of The Golf State of Mind Training Program, and enrollment is now open to the public until Sunday night.

The fact that I get the same questions over and over again, doesn’t surprise me…

As I mentioned in my last email, the fact that the average handicap has failed to improve in the last 30 years which is also, not that surprising. Most golfers improve up to a certain point and they stay stagnant for the rest of their playing days.

And I was no different until I discovered what I’m going to share in this unique training program.

It Took Me 9 Years to Piece these “Mental Game Strategies” Together…

Hi, I’m David MacKenzie, founder of Golf State of Mind

It took me 9 years of playing average golf to realize that I was doing it all wrong and I don’t want you to make the same mistake. But by the end of my tenth year, I was a scratch handicap.

By simply understanding the mental traits of elite players and using powerful techniques to replicate them
, I was able to end the frustration and become the player I knew I was capable of becoming. And it was an amazing feeling to have such confidence in every shot. Doubt and the technical game became a thing of the past.

And so the Golf State of Mind Training System was born…

For the past ten years, I’ve been refining and coaching my system to players of all levels (all over the world) and over 10,000 copies of my eBook has been sold.

I’ve analyzed and researched thousands of rounds of data from players of all levels and I know what mental approach works and what doesn’t. Through my research I discovered that there were 7 things that better players do, that are not performed by the golfing masses who under-perform week in, week out. It’s painful for me to watch some golfers go about game improvement. Hour after hour, bucket after bucket all down a big black hole. This has to stop now! Don’t waste any more money on range balls or green fees until you’ve read

These 7 things (changes in mental approach) account for at least 25% better performance and I’ll tell you why in a moment…

First, let me tell you what European Tour Player Adam Gee said about it:

Adam-Gee-Golf-Expert-800_2500289“David’s approach to the coaching makes improving so simple. It’s amazing how a change in perspective towards what’s really important can make such a huge difference. All golfers, whether beginner or a Tour Pro like myself would benefit from his system.”
– Adam Gee, European PGA Tour player and former World Amateur No.1

I say this not to blow my own trumpet, but to prove to you that I’m not a cowboy who’s read a few golf psychology books and trying to convince you I’ve discovered the secret to playing your best golf with no effort whatsoever.

I know you have access to a lot of mental game resources. But do you have a system in place that will take you through all you need to know?

So what are the 7 Mental Habits of Elite Players That You Can Use to Shave 25% Shots Off
Without A Golf Club?

Good Players Know How to Stay In The Present

The average golf is on an emotional roller-coaster ride because they’re in the past one minute, think about how stupid it was they 3 putted the last green, to the future the next, thinking about what might happen if they par the next 3 holes in to beat their next score. What happens as a result is carelessness with the only thing, they actually have control over – the shot at hand! I studied the though patterns of the elite player vs the average player during the course of a round and the elite player was leaps and bounds better at focusing on the present, meaning so much more mental energy being put into the execution of each shot. This one’s a no-brainer if you’re going to get better. But how do you do it? My system, shows you exactly what to look out for and how to train your brain to bring in back to the present.

Good Players Play Without Technical Thoughts

Swing analysis is a killer of scores and if you do it on the golf course, you’re asking for average golf. Have you ever noticed that when you’re playing your best, you have no idea what your body is doing? You just see your target and hit it there? That goes back to the principle of conscious control vs subconscious freedom. Your conscious brain is needed to identify the correct target and your subconscious is required to swing the club. This system shows you a Killer pre-shot routine to approach each shot correctly and practice techniques to make sure you’re playing with visualization and feel, not swing mechanics. I’ve compiled several techniques to shift your focus away from your swing, and onto the shot and the target. This will save you several shots each round….

Good Players Are In Touch With Their Emotions

Good players are not any better than you and at being mentally tough. Yes, they are better at playing in the big competitions because they have the experience of it. But did you know that most of them have sports psychologists they work with which help them recognize certain emotions and how to handle them? E.g. What do you do when you’re feeling butterflies? Do you embrace them or let them snowball and affect your performance. What do you do when you’re having trouble focusing? How do you bounce back from a bad shot? All this is covered in easy-to-follow steps in the system.

Good Players Know the Power of Acceptance

Another thing I noticed when studying and comparing the mental game of the elite player vs the average player was the time it took to get over bad shots. The average player typically follows one bad shots up with another and one bad hole after another. The elite player is able to erase a bad shot from the short-term memory quickly, but they do have a few tricks for doing so….

Good Players Warm Up Properly

Those 45 mins you spend before a round of golf can have a big effect on how well you play. Do you start to put pressure on yourself by thinking about shooting a good score? Or do you use the power of positive visualization instead? Do you warm up by synchronizing your body and mind in the best possible way or do you just hit a few balls or your way to the first tee. I know most of us don’t have the hour or so to warm up that the pros have, so in the GSOM Training Program, I’m going to condense this into the best 30 minute warm up possible.

Good Players Know What They Need To Practice

Have you ever really analyzed your rounds, so you know how to divide your practice time? Do you know how many bad misses you make, putts inside 5 ft or ups and downs? I’m going to show you what it all means. I’ve teamed up with my friends at, which analyses your rounds so you know exactly what you need to work on. If you sign up for the GSOM Training Program, you’ll get 2 months of egolfplan free (worth $40)

Good Players Work On The Fundamentals

I mentioned in my email that you’ll see some really ugly yet effective swings out there. Think about Jim Furyk, Lee Trevino and Moe Norman. Horrible to look at but highly effective for what they’re supposed to do. The one think that all elite players have in common, no matter what their swing looks like, is very solid fundamentals. My course will show you the quickest way to align and set up correctly, just like the top players.

eben dennis golf“David captures the real essence of how to play golf with a clear mind while helping you focus on a repeatable process, instead of the technical details. David can help any golfer find his natural self. By doing this, he makes the game simpler and more fun for all. Way to go David.” ~ Eben Dennis, Power Feel Golf and Former Mental Coach for Nick Faldo

peter taylor english golf union “David’s eBook highlights the difference that makes a difference. When you practice these fundamentals you not only remove self imposed interference, but it returns you to your natural brilliance. Simple and deceptively brilliant.”
– Peter Taylor, Golf Mind Coach, English Golf Union

aubrey mccormick golf“David Mackenzie has a subtle yet genius approach toward the mental game. I got the chance to work with him and his knowledge of the mental game really helped to change my thought process on the golf course. After working with him, I felt more confident and I look forward to working with him in the future!”
– Aubrey McCormick, Big Break Atlantis 2012 Competitor

mental game ebook“David MacKenzie has created an amazing tool for anyone ready to tackle the mental game of golf. His “Golf State of Mind” system is very organized and yet exquisitely simple. David takes you through each aspect of the game, from long to short, talking you through the stumbling blocks and helping you clear them out of your way. I love it. His insights help my golf game, and my everyday life.” ~ Danielle Tucker, The Golf Club Radio Show.

Mental Game book

So What Does The Golf State of Mind Training Program Include?

My Training System eBook – 7 modules that you can take at your own pace.

Bonus materials:

The Golf State of Mind Audiobook (worth $20)

2 months free of egolfplan

The Golf State of Mind Practice Drills (over 40 drills for all areas of your game, worth $10)

All for just $17. But you have to buy before Sunday!

Adam-Gee-Golf-Expert-800_2500289Golf State Of Mind heavily concentrates on helping the player stay in the moment, and helps the player overcome the ghosts of shots past and shots future. To date, I’ve read the eBook three times all the way from beginning to end. I have much work to do on my mental game, and much more time to spend working on refining it. Golf State Of Mind will be in my iPod, in my computer and in my car to help me get my game on the right mental path.”
– Tony Korologos, The Golf Space & Hooked On Golf Blog

Adam-Gee-Golf-Expert-800_2500289“MacKenzie’s Golf State of Mind will certainly help you learn the finer points of controlling your mental state and should help your scores. It’s another tool we can use to master those five and a half inches between our ears.”
– Jeff Skinner,

Adam-Gee-Golf-Expert-800_2500289“Played today with a consistent routine for the first time in my entire life (thanks to you). I just won my Club’s 40th Marathon–a one-day, 72-hole slog through the pouring rain this year–and I attribute my success to the mental discipline your eBook has helped me to develop (77!!!!). Thanks!”

– James Long Hale, Author of Golf Sonnets

Adam-Gee-Golf-Expert-800_2500289“Through reading the Golf State of Mind eBook, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my short game. The visualization and feel exercises have made me more creative around the greens and I am seeing the results in my scores. My driving range and practice sessions generally make me feel like I’m progressing. Thanks David!”

– James Hardy, 14 Handicap, Sydney, Australia

Adam-Gee-Golf-Expert-800_2500289“At last. An approach to golf teaching that is simple, non-technical and emphasizes what is most important to improve – The Mental Game. Golf State of Mind is a well structured way to learn the optimal mind set for golf.”

– Richard Hanna, Scratch handicap

Adam-Gee-Golf-Expert-800_2500289“What has struck me about the Golf State of Mind teaching is how simple it has made the game for me. I’ve started to think less about my technique and more about what I want the ball to do. My visualization of good shots is improving and I feel I am growing in confidence which is being reflected in my scores.”

– Simon Brandon, 18 Handicap, London, UK

Adam-Gee-Golf-Expert-800_2500289“This is probably the best golf lesson I’ve taken. I feel that every time I practice and play, I’m getting better.”

– Felix Von Knorring, IEC Sports, Geneva, Switzerland.

“The Golf State of Mind eBook will give you a new dimension to make your time spent trying to improve much simpler and more effective. As psychologist, I can say with certainty that learning these techniques will enable you to perform better on the golf course.”

– Dr. Matt Andrews, Psychology phd, Surrey University. Former British Universities player

“There is no doubt at all that by reading this eBook my whole game has turned around – all I think about now is where the ball is going to, forgetting all about the physical game, and its so easy! Many thanks David.”

– Hilary Thornhill, Merrist Wood Golf Club.

“There is so much benefit to be had from learning a better mental game whatever your handicap. I have recommended the Golf State of Mind to my students and it is helping them simplify the game and think more positively.”

– Ben Sargent, PGA Professional, The Wisley Golf Club.

“Golf State of Mind really made me start to think about the game in a different way. I now make my practice sessions more about visualization and feel and it has helped me in pressure situations.”

– Martin Woodbridge, British National Assistants Finalist.

“Thought I would let you know that I played a quick 9 this morning on my home course and shot a 4 under par “32” with 4 birdies and no bogies. The part about feeling the shot, visualization and just enjoying the round helped me “go to the next level”. Just the tone of the voice in it sets you up for a relaxed focused round. Last year at this time I was shooting in the low 80’s and upper 70’s most of the time. Although I have been playing for many years, this year has by far been my best with 2 sub par 70’s just in the last month. I will be 57 next month and feel like my best golf is yet to come.”

– Dave Davison, Lawrence, KS, USA.

“Golfers are always searching for an extra edge. A swing thought or key word or code. Golfers buy into the Marketing Man’s Dream of extra yardage, spin, feel, fade or draw. We buy putter and drivers, change balls and wear lucky charms. But how many ever realize the secret is there for the taking – the key to good golf lies not in the elusive search for clubs, balls and charms, but in one fundamental used by every Professional Golfer. Without exception. The Pre -shot routine. Listen to the words. Burn them on your hard drive. Leave the Marketing Man’s Dream to others. This is the secret which leads to the promised land. Better golf, solid strikes and lower scores. It just takes practice and application and those words become your fifteenth club in the bag.”

– Sara Woodward, The Golf Police

“For me the mental game is the most over-looked aspect of golf teaching. This ebook is a great insight into why golfers under-perform and the disciplined shot routine reminds us of what a visual and feel based game this really is.”

– Christopher Ellis, Pyrford Golf Club, Surrey, UK.

“Thanks, David, for your indispensable guide to the mental game. Before your help, apprehension was my dominant emotion when addressing the ball. If I’m truthful with myself, I never knew where it was going to go. Your eBook has given me the ability not only to visualize each shot as I want to play it, but also to hit it there.”

– Jonny Goodman, 22 Handicap, London, UK

“Dear David, since I recieved The Golf State of Mind, of my last 10 rounds 83 was my highest. Half were in the seventies with 76 the lowest. Thanks Allen”
– Allen Peltier, Abbeville, LA

“Yesterday I purchased the download of GSOM and listened to the complete package already 2 times. It fits perfect in my effort of improving my golf game on both fundamentals. Thanks! Will keep you updated on progress and enjoymentof my golf game.”

– Guenther Petrovitz, Vienna, Austria

“I just want to say thank you. I can honestly say that your book has changed the way I see golf(for the better) and the way I see myself. The drills are incredible and keep you from experiencing the false confidence that range practice can give. This book is amazing because it isn’t fluff, It doesn’t just tickle your ears and tell you how to hit it 450 yards or promote the newest gadget, it gives you a mirror and lets you take a brutally honest look at yourself. It gets to the heart of being a better player and helps you understand and enjoy what golf really means to you.

Like most golfers I have tried at least 20 gadgets and read more than 30 books(not counting magazines and programs).With all of the nonsense out there and useless information this is a welcome and beautiful book…I can say with confidence that if people apply the things in this book they will play and enjoy golf on a level that they literally don’t understand right now.”
– Jacob Racquer, Las Vegas, NV

“The more I read the Golf State of Mind the more focused I feel on the course. The eBook is filled with easy to follow instructions on how to help your mental game. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to achieve their maximum potential on the golf course.”
– Chris J Smith, Yorkshire, British Boys Champion

“After listening to and re-listening to the Golf State of mind audiobook on my MP3 player I have a different clarity about how I prepare for rounds and how i practice certain drills and the focus that I attain now.

I have had an exceptional year of golf results with a Club championship win, two other trophies and my handicap reducing by 1.2 so whatever is in your state of mind program, with my experience it is working. Thanks again and look forward to more of the good stuff.”

– Craig Morrison, 1 handicap, Edzell Scotland.

“The simplicity of the techniques used means golfers of any level will benefit from the Golf State of Mind. Whether you are a club player or touring professional, I would recommend these audio sessions to greatly improve your mental approach to the game.”

– Karen Quinn, ALPG Professional, Ladies European Tour caddy

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