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profilepicfbHi, I’m David MacKenzie from Golf State of Mind. I’ve been playing and coaching the game for over 20 years and I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve made too many mistakes with the way I tried to to improve. I wasted a lot of time and money that I can’t get back. It was about 10 years into my playing career, after using every training aid, swing lesson and hitting thousands of balls without improvement that I took a deep delve into golf teaching. After hundreds of hours of research and experimentation, I discovered a way to practice and play that focused only of those elements that would make me a better player. And it was shown quickly in my scores.

Within 12 months, I went from a hacker to a scratch handicap and.I was playing golf I had only dreamt about with a fraction of the effort that I’d previously put in. As soon as I made this discovery, I knew I had to share it and so the Golf State of Mind Training System was born. It’s now my mission to share my system with as many golfers as possible and I now coach all levels from weekend golfer through to PGA Tour pros. Whatever your handicap I can guarantee that my program will teach you a more effective way to improve.

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