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How To Practice Over The Winter Months Without A Golf Club

Now that the clocks have gone back and the nights draw in (for those of us in the northern hemisphere), how you decide to use the limited time available during the winter months is key to consistently improving and making sure your hard work over the summer is not undone. To do this, you need to practice in the most effective way possible and do what you can when you can’t get to the driving range.

[ENTER] The Golf State of Mind Training Program – The most effective way to consistently improve. Each chapter is filled with drills and lessons that you can work on without a golf club, which will take you towards better perfornance on the golf course.

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With this program you’ll work through 7 modules (75 pages with audio) that will challenge and improve all areas of your game and give you the mental edge you need to play every round with confidence.

In module 1, we’re going to look at your fundamentals. Think you have these down? I’m going to give you a test and we’ll see how good they are. As much as I believe golf is played with your mind, without solid fundamentals, you’ll never become the golfer you’re capable of becoming. How you set up, determines how good your swing is.

In module 2, I’m going to teach you the secret that took me to scratch in less than a year. We’ll shift your focus from what your body is doing, to what you want the ball to do. It’s amazing how simple this sounds, but how hard it seems to be for most of us. The more conscious you’re thinking about your swing while you’re swinging, the more targets you’ll miss. I’ll show you how to visualize and feel shots, with techniques of the tour pros. Thinking about swing mechanics will be a thing of the past. I’m going to teach you powerful techniques to get your analytical and critical side of your brain out the way and re-learn golf as at art.

In module 3, you’re going to learn the importance of a Killer pre-shot routine, which will soon become a habit and set you up for success ahead of every shot. You’ll discover how to feel as confident as possible by knowing that you’ve done everything you can to ensure a good execution. You’ll learn that a good round of golf is a collection of individual shots hit as best you can, involving a meticulous sequence of steps.

In module 4, you’ll discover how to develop the mental toughness of the Tour pros. Do you think the best players in the world get as affected as you do a triple bogey? No, they don’t. That’s not because they are stronger mentally that you are, it’s because they know techniques to re-frame their minds to keep their confidence high. You’ll to learn how to control your emotions, to keep your confidence high and your mind firmly in the present

In module 5, you’ll find out the best pre-round warm-up. This isn’t just about stretching and loosening up your golf muscles. It’s about getting your body and mind synchronized and preparing yourself for playing your best.

In module 6, I’ll show you the best way to review your rounds so that you know exactly what to work on during your practice, to make sure you work towards lowering your handicap with every session.

In module 7, you’ll discover a completely new way to practice with the GSOM practice drills. I’ve got all the drills for every area of your game to make practice enjoyable but very effective.

The purpose of the Golf State of Mind teaching is for you to:

  • Use every minute you spend practicing as effectively as possible
  • Increase self-belief and confidence to enjoy more consistent golf by developing the mental toughness you need to rise to all the challenges you will face. This means you will develop the ability to stay positive, focused, and be decisive
  • Take the variations in energy (ups and downs, negatives and positives) and push them all in the same positive direction, so we play more consistently and steadily improve with each round and practice
  • Use your skills naturally without the negative interferences that would normally hold you back

So that you achieve…

The Golf State of Mind, aka “The Zone” with more frequency.

Don’t wait for your game to go stale over the winter months and use every minute to full effect!

Buy The Golf State of Mind Training Program Today NOW and Improve with Every Shot You Hit.

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