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Stop wasting your time on simple "Positive Thinking". It only increases your self doubt when it doesn't work for you. You need a system in place to succeed, and here's how....

For the past ten years, I’ve been refining and coaching my system to players of all levels (all over the world) and over 10,000 copies of my system have been sold.

I get emails everyday asking the same question:

“I’ve lost confidence in my golf game. What do I do?”

My response goes like this…

“Confidence is something that is gained by having a reliable and repeatable process and knowing how to control your emotions. This breeds confidence with every round, no matter how you play.”

Through my research I discovered that there were 7 things that better players do, that are not done by the golfing masses who under-perform week in, week out. It’s painful for me to watch some golfers go about improving and managing their game during practice and play. Hour after hour, bucket after bucket, all down a big black hole. This has to stop now! Please don’t waste any more money on range balls or green fees until you’ve read my program.

These 7 habits that I’ll share with you (simply changes in mental approach) account for at least 25% better performance and I’ll tell you why in a moment…

I know you have access to a lot of mental game resources. But do you have a system in place that will take you through all you need to know? That’s what you’ll get in my 2 eBooks and 3 hours of audios…

Module 1 – “The Golf Industry is Lying to You”

For the most part anyway. Is every golf season passing without any real improvement? Do you know a better game is in you but you just can’t seem to show it on the course? The golf industry tells us that all we need to do is take more swing lessons and buy new equipment. But has that worked for you in the past? The average handicap has not reduced in 30 years. In this module I’ll prove to you why you need to completely need to rethink your game improvement techniques.

Module 2 – “The Secret”

This is where the training gets fun. One of the most exciting things that occurred during that year was gaining the ability to shape the ball (left to right and right to left), and improve my trajectory and distance control. This knocked off about 6-7 shots per round at least. The beauty was the I didn’t have to change my swing at all. It was all achieved by making use of my senses, visualization and feel. In this module you’ll learn these powerful techniques.

Module 3 – “Relaxed, Focused and Confident Golf”

This module contains the secret to managing your thoughts and emotions on the golf course. I used to get so nervous on the first tee and over crucial shots before I realized it was so easy to calm myself down a focus on the simple task at had – getting that little white ball to its target!

All Tour players have these mind tricks that they use to calm themselves and stay confident even when there’s intense pressure. This blue-print comes from understanding the thoughts patterns of hundreds of elite players (including Tour pros) and making use of techniques. That’s what you’ll learn in this module. Powerful techniques to improve your confidence, stay relaxed and be more focused over the ball than ever.

Module 4 – A “Killer” Shot Routine

Getting into the zone starts in your shot routine. What you do in the 40 seconds prior to your shot will make or break your golf it. I’m not only talking about getting set up correctly (which obviously you need to do), I’m talking about putting your attention in the right place and accessing your ideal performance state. This module is going to show you how to do it. You’ll also learn how to forget bad shots instantly so they don’t affect your next one.

Module 5 – “Pre-round Success Triggers”

In the same way that the pre-shot and where your focus is before a shot has a huge effect on where the ball goes, you attitude and how you think before a round will do that same. If you’re thinking about going out there and beating your best score you’re not doing yourself any favors. In this module I’ll show you how the elite player thinks before a round and how their goals create great performances.

Module 6 – “Simple post-round assessment”

How do you assess your performance after a round? Do you know that there’s lots of valuable information between the lines that can help you improve massively if you simply ask the right questions. In this module you’ll learn what these questions are and how they an shape your practice time, eliminate mistakes and capitalize on your strengths.

Module 7 – “How good can you become?”

Where do you want to go in this game? Is it breaking 80, winning the club championship or winning a major? I’m going to show you the right and wrong goals to have and how you can utilize the power of short and long-term goal setting.

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Your Bonus Materials!

The Golf State of Mind Practice Drills eBook – Over 50 Tour-proven practice drills to keep practice fun, and challenging.


The Golf State of Mind Audio lessons (1 hour long) – 10 Essential Mental Game Lessons for you to download and travel with


Sample audio:

Renegade Hypnosis Audio Lessons (3 hours of audio)

What are fellow golfers saying about the system?


aubrey mccormick golf“David’s Golf State of Mind Training System makes game improvement simple and effective. It’s amazing how a change in perspective towards what’s really important can make such a huge difference. All golfers, whether beginner or a Tour Pro like myself would benefit from his system.” – Adam Gee, European PGA Tour

aubrey mccormick golf“On Tour you have to do everything possible to squeeze extra shots out of all areas of your game. David’s teaching materials are definitely in-line with the way a Tour pro approaches a round mentally and the great thing about this way to improve is that it requires no swing changes!” – James Heath, European PGA Tour

aubrey mccormick golf“In David MacKenzie, you have a coach who really understands and applies that simple but profound truth.”– Karl Morris, Performance Coach To Six Major Winners

aubrey mccormick golf“David MacKenzie is truly an expert in coaching the performance skills of the mental side of golf. For what is complicated for most to communicate, David does in a simple, clear, and effective way. His ideas help golfers shoot lower scores and enjoy the game more.” – Rick Sessinghaus, Editor, Golf Tips Magazine

aubrey mccormick golf“David’s teaching cuts through all the noise in golf coaching and gets to the heart of what’s really needed to consistently improve.” – Benn Barham, European PGA Tour

aubrey mccormick golf“The tournament I played after reading David’s Training Program I hit 50 out of 54 greens and it had everything to do with his powerful concepts.”– Lars Melander, former Canadian PGA Assistant’s Champion

peter taylor english golf union “David’s coaching highlights the difference that makes a difference. When you practice these fundamentals you not only remove self imposed interference, but it returns you to your natural brilliance. Simple and deceptively brilliant.” – Peter Taylor, Golf Mind Coach, English Golf Union

aubrey mccormick golf“David Mackenzie has a subtle yet genius approach toward the mental game. I got the chance to work with him and his knowledge of the mental game really helped to change my thought process on the golf course. After working with him, I felt more confident and I look forward to working with him in the future!” – Aubrey McCormick, Big Break Atlantis 2012 Competitor

“David’s Golf State of Mind Training System has given me specific things to work on to improve my mental game and I’ve seen huge improvement in my ability to play under pressure.”– Nic Drezins, Rob Noel Golf Academy

“Golf State of Mind really made me start to think about the game in a different way. I now make my practice sessions more about visualization and feel and it has helped me in pressure situations.”– Martin Woodbridge, British National Assistants Finalist, Head Teaching Professional at Bearwood Lakes


peter taylor english golf union “David has helped me quieten my mind in pressure situations and given me a solid mental process to manage my thoughts and emotions for the entire round. It’s given me a whole new level of confidence in my game and it show’s in my results.”– David Krajny, CEO RE/MAX Czech Republic | Slovakia, 4th in Czech Republic Mid-Amateur

peter taylor english golf union “David has helped me build a stronger mental process and a quality practice regimen, which has made me feel like I’m consistently working towards my goals. With my new “process” goals, I feel less pressure to score and I can feel my confidence growing with each round.”– Kennedy Bodfield, ‎6th in 2015 Junior Canada Nationals, 2011 Ontario Junior Champion

peter taylor english golf union “Using a focused approach to visualisation and a bullet proof pre-shot routine my golf has been transformed this year with the GSOM tools. It’s a complete turnaround – I used to completely buckle under pressure. Now it’s the opposite. In those pressured situations I’ve played out of my boots and I’ve relished the challenge. The fear has gone out of the game. I’m just loving playing again”– Sandy Catford, ‎Owner, Gokart Powered Golf

mental game ebook“David MacKenzie has created an amazing tool for anyone ready to tackle the mental game of golf. His “Golf State of Mind” system is very organized and yet exquisitely simple. David takes you through each aspect of the game, from long to short, talking you through the stumbling blocks and helping you clear them out of your way. I love it. His insights help my golf game, and my everyday life.” ~ Danielle Tucker, The Golf Club Radio Show.

peter taylor english golf union Golf State Of Mind heavily concentrates on helping the player stay in the moment, and helps the player overcome the ghosts of shots past and shots future. To date, I’ve read the eBook three times all the way from beginning to end. I have much work to do on my mental game, and much more time to spend working on refining it. Golf State Of Mind will be in my iPod, in my computer and in my car to help me get my game on the right mental path.”– Tony Korologos, The Golf Space & Hooked On Golf Blog

peter taylor english golf union “MacKenzie’s Golf State of Mind will certainly help you learn the finer points of controlling your mental state and should help your scores. It’s another tool we can use to master those five and a half inches between our ears.”– Jeff Skinner,

Get This Proven Mental Game System For Just $29.97!



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