Learn The Mental Game From Home With Pro Mental Coach Software

Develop The Mental Skills Needed For Your Best Golf

I recently tried this “Pro Mental Coach” product with a little skepticism, but at the end, I was very impressed with the program. Pro Mental Coach by Braincenter International is a unique software program, that’s designed to be your “at home” mental coach throughout the golf season (in addition to Golf State of Mind, of course ;-).

It starts off with creating your mental game profile (all to CBS Masters style music), by asking you detailed questions about your last round. You’ll answer questions on your thought process, overcoming bad shots, dealing with distractions, how you felt about playing with partners, your ability to control your stress, course strategy and shot visualization, etc. You answer on a scale of 1-7, ranging from “Not at all” to “that’s me!”

I found the profiling to be surprisingly accurate on me and the students I shared it with. The idea is that this program is personalized for you and helps you work on all the areas that will help you build on your mental strengths and eliminate the weaknesses in your game. The categories of learning are:

  • Brain speed
  • Focus
  • Inhibition
  • Flexibility
  • Mental Endurance
  • Stress Management
  • Motivation

Within each category there are many games, which work on those cognitive skills that, with practice, will help you lower scores on the course. My students found all the games very stimulating and fun, and they definitely showed improvement in their scores. The visual/reaction time exercises are very like those used by Ernie Els which he attributed to winning The Open last year.

The students that I had do this test found that when they were over the ball the thought was to visualize the numbers/letters game from the assessment test, which did a good job of getting all extraneous thoughts out of their head.

I thought it did a great job of helping me swing with my subconscious (which is one of the components of being “in the zone”). It was also good for “switching” between conscious and subconscious thinking – when you’re between shots and swinging, your mind should be quiet, but when your preparing (pre-shot routine), it should be very focused. So the exercises practice that – you are forced to focus intensely for a while, but then you switch to reading and answering questions.

The more you work on these exercises (there are plenty), the more you improve your brain function and mental approach specifically for golf. As a mental coach, I can definitely say that it works all those mental muscles you need to work on. It’s a little pricy ($139), but the value is definitely there and I continue to find it to be worth the money. It’s also a nice way to continue your game improvement from the comfort of your own home, which very few teaching programs can say.

All in all, I’d definitely recommend this product to you. For more information, click here.