Make 2014 Your Best Putting Year Yet

Simply By Making a Few Small Changes to Your Mental Approach

I have an opportunity for you to make 2014 your best golfing year yet. Now that you are a member of Golf State of Mind it’s my goal to give you the tools to become the best you can be, and this is what I have for you in the GSOM Putting System. For just a few days, I’m giving you 35% off my new putting program. Whatever level you are, I know you can become a much better putter with very little effort. All it takes is a change in your mental approach.

I’ve spent the past few months putting together the Golf State of Mind Putting System, that is designed to break down the putting stroke into something very simple and repeatable.

Putting is its own game. It’s unrelated to your swing. For me it’s an almost pure mental game and that’s why I’m convinced that a 28 handicapper can putt just as well as a Tour Pro provided they integrate my putting system and can learn to read greens.


The new eBook is split into 7 modules:


Module 1: The Putting Fundamentals

All great putters share the same 4 things in common, which anyone can adopt (no physical skills needed). In this section you’ll learn how to find the right grip for you, the best posture and how to align correctly for every putt.

Module 2: Reading greens

Even if you have a great stroke, you won’t become a great putter without being able to read greens. Through interviews with Tour caddies and elite players, I’ve got simple techniques for you to get it right every time.

Module 3: What is your Putting Style?

Are you an arc putter or straight back-straight through? Are you right or left eye dominant? What does this mean for your approach to each putt? I’ll show you in this module.

Module 4: Putting with Visualization and Feel

Free yourself from mechanical thoughts and zone in on the line to the hole. This section focuses on the sensory aspect of putting and connects what your mind sees (a clearly defined line to the hole) and how it feels to hit that put. Through these exercises, you’ll develop a great sense of feel for putts, to make 3 putting a thing of the past.

Module 5: The Pre-putt Routine

How you spend the 30 seconds before each putt will determine whether you give it your best effort. I’ll show you the 7 things you must do to give yourself the best chance of making every putt.

Module 6: How to putt well under pressure

The very best players don’t let the pressure of the situation affect the way they putt because they know techniques to calm themselves and focus on the job at hand. In this section, I’ve got plenty of drills and techniques to reduce nerves and keep you focused on the job at hand in pressure situations.

Module 7: Practice drills

This section gives you games and drills to make practice fun yet very challenging. Putting on the course will be a breeze when you’ve gone through your paces with these practice games! This book is worth the money for these drills alone.

All these modules have been designed from working with players of all levels from beginner through to Tour pro and if you take the modules in sequence it will lower putts per round and take your game to the next level. Here are the drills:

  •     Distance control warm up (pre-round)
  •     Sharpening your vision (pre-round)
  •     Putting routine practice drill
  •     Sound of success drill
  •     How to make the hole seem bigger than it is
  •     Pressure putting
  •     A great feel drill
  •     Short putting drill
  •     Phil Mickelson’s drill for short putts
  •     N-S-E-W Drill
  •     Repetition and routine drill
  •     Lag putting drill
  •     Box drill
  •     Finding out your dominant hand drill
  •     Distance control drill
  •     Take your body out of the stroke drill
  •     How to develop a true roll drill
  •     Banging in the nail drill
  •     Consistent ball striking drill

Adam-Gee-Golf-Expert-800_2500289“Putting is without a doubt the most mental part of the game. Without the optimal mental approach to each putt you can’t putt to your natural ability. The GSOM Putting system teaches you exactly how to develop this approach and contains practice drills used on the Tour.”
– Adam Gee, European PGA Tour player and former World Amateur No.1