Power Feel Golf eBook

by Eben Dennis

Mental Game eBookA Novel Approach to Improving Your Golf Game

Power Feel Golf was developed through a deliberate examination spanning glorious decades in which the greatest players are perceived as having one major common characteristic; a simple process in which their mind can create on
demand and without effort the internal vision of an efficient target focused golf swing.

Golf is a game – to be enjoyed. When we clutter our minds with the mechanics of the golf swing, we tend to be overwhelmed and actually lose the joy of the game of golf. The purpose of this book is to liberate you from thoughts and techniques that make the golf swing difficult, if not impossible. This book is about allowing you to enjoy golf by remembering only one basic process that will serve you well with every golf swing and in every part of your golf game.

A New View

The theory that I’m going to propose is not unlike waking up one morning to see that the sky is purple. You’d see it, but you could scarcely believe it. And every time you’d walk outside for the next year, you’d look up and have to remind yourself that the sky was no longer blue. Eventually, however, you’d get used to it, and forget what used to be.

That is the notion behind this book. It’s a different theory than any other golf instruction to which you’ve been exposed.

Power-Feel Golf will teach you a new way to think about how to apply a golf club to a ball. It is a simple method that will allow you to improve immediately, but may take some time to become familiar because of your preconceived notions regarding a “golf swing.” But, once the concepts of the theory become second nature, you will learn that this method allows you to tap your innate abilities and utilize them to become a better player and scorer. It will also free you from having to look for a quick fix; instead, this concept is the foundation for your best golf swing and game for the rest of your life. The three stages of any new idea that changes the status quo are ridicule, denial, and then acceptance. After reading this book, you’ll reach that third stage and know that this simple concept will change your golf game forever.

What are golfers saying about Power Feel Golf?

“I like the singular thinking. It’s very crucial to this game.”
~ Ken Venturi, former US Open Winner and CBS announcer

“I really began to relax about my game.”
~ Bob Estes, 4 time PGA Tour Winner