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Get All 4 Golf State of Mind Training Programs and you’ll have the blueprint for a season of success and many more to come!

The GSOM Training Program


The Importance of Focus and Commitment

Are you aware of how many shots you throw away during every round because of:

  • Frustration over bad shots
  • Fear of failure
  • Nerves in the big moments
  • Loss of focus and concentration
  • Not playing the right shot and having a clear course strategy
  • Too many swing thoughts and trying to control your swing
  • Thinking too much about your ego and score

I’ll tell you how many: TOO MANY!!!

The GSOM Training program is a 7 module program that will take you through the steps to conquer all of these areas weakness where so many shots are lost by the amateur, quickly.


Week #2

The Golf State of Mind Putting System

Module 1: The Putting Fundamentals

All great putters share the same 4 things in common, which anyone can adopt (no physical skills needed). In this section you’ll learn how to find the right grip for you, the best posture and how to align correctly for every putt.

Module 2: Reading greens

Even if you have a great stroke, you won’t become a great putter without being able to read greens. Through interviews with Tour caddies and elite players, I’ve got simple techniques for you to get it right every time.

Module 3: What is your Putting Style?

Are you an arc putter or straight back-straight through? Are you right or left eye dominant? What does this mean for your approach to each putt? I’ll show you in this module.

Module 4: Putting with Visualization and Feel

Free yourself from mechanical thoughts and zone in on the line to the hole. This section focuses on the sensory aspect of putting and connects what your mind sees (a clearly defined line to the hole) and how it feels to hit that put. Through these exercises, you’ll develop a great sense of feel for putts, to make 3 putting a thing of the past.

Module 5: The Pre-putt Routine

How you spend the 30 seconds before each putt will determine whether you give it your best effort. I’ll show you the 7 things you must do to give yourself the best chance of making every putt.

Module 6: How to putt well under pressure

The very best players don’t let the pressure of the situation affect the way they putt because they know techniques to calm themselves and focus on the job at hand. In this section, I’ve got plenty of drills and techniques to reduce nerves and keep you focused on the job at hand in pressure situations.

Module 7: Practice drills


Week #3

Building Confidence

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In week 3 I’m going to show you how to build confidence every time you play. Your emotions have a huge impact on your performance. If you let anger, fear and frustration into your game you’ll never play to your potential and you won’t increase your confidence. Elite players don’t have a natural ability to reduce these feelings, but they know techniques to control them. In this lesson, I’m going to show these techniques for controlling negative emotions and nerves and so you can protect and boost your confidence during every round and play your best when the pressure’s on.

Week #4

Bringing it all together: Before, During, After and Between Shots

imacWEEK4In this lesson, we’re going to put everything together into a “process” aka “The Shot Routine”. This is all you’ll be focused on during your game. Follow these simple steps during your round and you’ll see huge improvement, I’ve no doubt. You’ll learn the optimal mental approach to each shot, how to swing with your subconscious and accept every shot, and how to manage your time between shots. This is right out of the playbook of the tour pro.

These lessons are what I charge students $500 for in one my weekend clinics, but you are getting it for 2 easy payments of $97.

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Bringing it all together: Before, During, After and Between Shots

What people are saying about David MacKenzie and his training programs

eben dennis golf“David captures the real essence of how to play golf with a clear mind while helping you focus on a repeatable process, instead of the technical details. David can help any golfer find his natural self. By doing this, he makes the game simpler and more fun for all. Way to go David.” ~ Eben Dennis, Power Feel Golf and Former Short Game Coach for Nick Faldo

“Having David as part of my team has given me an extra edge needed on the Tour.” – James Heath, European PGA Tour


“David's teaching cuts through all the noise in golf coaching and gets tothe heart of what's really needed to consistently improve.” – Benn Barham, European PGA Tour


peter taylor english golf union “David’s eBook highlights the difference that makes a difference. When you practice these fundamentals you not only remove self imposed interference, but it returns you to your natural brilliance. Simple and deceptively brilliant.” – Peter Taylor, Golf Mind Coach, English Golf Union

aubrey mccormick golf“David Mackenzie has a subtle yet genius approach toward the mental game. I got the chance to work with him and his knowledge of the mental game really helped to change my thought process on the golf course. After working with him, I felt more confident and I look forward to working with him in the future!” – Aubrey McCormick, Big Break Atlantis 2012 Competitor

mental game ebook“David MacKenzie has created an amazing tool for anyone ready to tackle the mental game of golf. His “Golf State of Mind” system is very organized and yet exquisitely simple. David takes you through each aspect of the game, from long to short, talking you through the stumbling blocks and helping you clear them out of your way. I love it. His insights help my golf game, and my everyday life.” ~ Danielle Tucker, The Golf Club Radio Show.

Adam-Gee-Golf-Expert-800_2500289“David’s Golf State of Mind Training System has given me specific things to work on to improve my mental game and I’ve seen huge improvement in my ability to play under pressure.”
– Nic Drezins, Rob Noel Golf Academy

Adam-Gee-Golf-Expert-800_2500289Golf State Of Mind heavily concentrates on helping the player stay in the moment, and helps the player overcome the ghosts of shots past and shots future. To date, I’ve read the eBook three times all the way from beginning to end. I have much work to do on my mental game, and much more time to spend working on refining it. Golf State Of Mind will be in my iPod, in my computer and in my car to help me get my game on the right mental path.”
– Tony Korologos, The Golf Space & Hooked On Golf Blog

Adam-Gee-Golf-Expert-800_2500289“MacKenzie’s Golf State of Mind will certainly help you learn the finer points of controlling your mental state and should help your scores. It’s another tool we can use to master those five and a half inches between our ears.”
– Jeff Skinner,

Adam-Gee-Golf-Expert-800_2500289“Played today with a consistent routine for the first time in my entire life (thanks to you). I just won my Club’s 40th Marathon–a one-day, 72-hole slog through the pouring rain this year–and I attribute my success to the mental discipline your eBook has helped me to develop (77!!!!). Thanks!” – James Long Hale, Author of Golf Sonnets

Adam-Gee-Golf-Expert-800_2500289“This is without a doubt the best money I’ve spent on golf. David’s system took 8 shots off my handicap.”
– Mike Church of

Adam-Gee-Golf-Expert-800_2500289“Through reading the Golf State of Mind eBook, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my short game. The visualization and feel exercises have made me more creative around the greens and I am seeing the results in my scores. My driving range and practice sessions generally make me feel like I’m progressing. Thanks David!”