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That Will Take You From Hacker To Scratch Golfer Faster Than You Can Say: “Great Shot”?

Hi – I’m David MacKenzie and I’m a scratch golfer.

Before you start thinking that I have some physical (or financial or time) advantage over you (and use that as an excuse why you couldn’t possibly learn anything from me) you should know that I started off just like you – with a passion for golf and a lousy (and large) handicap. Okay, I admit it, I was a hacker.

But I didn’t want to STAY a hacker – so I bought every gimmick and gizmo there was thinking that if I just had the right widget I’d play better golf.

But that didn’t work.

So I moved on to buying books and systems and spent more and more time on the driving range. And though I did make slow (dreadfully slow) and gradual improvement, I just KNEW that I had a better and more consistent game in me.

And then it happened… After spending years of my life and thousands of dollars searching, I finally cracked the code. And almost overnight my handicap dropped by leaps and bounds.

For the last 15 years I’ve dedicated myself to teaching others what I’ve discovered.

And now I want to invite you to peak behind the black curtain so that you can join me in the ranks of the scratch golfer.

Here are 7 excellent reasons to join:

  1. You are already a better golfer than your scorecards show. I’m going to show you techniques to break this cycle and play to your potential whatever the circumstances.
  2. Thousands of monthly subscribers and success stories proves this teaching works.
  3. This is the one of the top Golf Teaching Resources on the web. Nowhere else will you find this collaboration of mental game coaches and quality golf teaching content. New articles are posted weekly and you’ll get access to the entire archive of tips and drills.
  4. It costs about the same as a bucket of balls per month, a small price for learning the optimal way to improve and consistently play better.
  5. You get an hour-long webinar every month, with me and/or our team of coaches, where you’ll get instruction on the most important areas of the mental game and be able to participate in Q&A sessions.
  6. Subscribing is worth testing for 24 hrs just, to experience it. You can unsubscribe with a couple of clicks.
  7. You’ll get special discounts and unbiased reviews on products

Join Today!

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For the cost of a bucket of balls, you’ll get:

  • Weekly teaching articles and videos
  • Monthly Members Only webinar with Q&A (1 hour with David MacKenzie)
  • Access to the entire archive of GSOM Coaching articles and videos

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