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10 Essential Mental Game Lessons (60 mins)

These Essential Mental Game Lessons have been designed as a tool to most effectively optimize your mind and ensure that you get closer to your potential EVERY time you practice and play. Remember, one hour of practicing properly is better than 20 hours practicing poorly.

Listen to it on the way to the golf course or practice range and I GUARANTEE  you will start to play fearlessly, remove negative interferences and become transformed into a better and happier golfer. Through learning how to synchronize your body and mind with visual and feel based exercises and learning a consistent approach to each shot, good golf will become a simple subconscious process. This teaching will show you how to get on a structured path to perfecting the mental game and you will see results immediately. Don’t continue to practice in the wrong way any longer!


In these audios you will:

  • Learn the mental mistakes we make and how to eliminate them
  • Learn how to REALLY take your range game to the course
  • Learn how to play relaxed golf under pressure
  • Learn a new way to practice that increases your powers of positive visualization and feel
  • Learn how to increase your confidence for long-term success
  • Learn how to stay in the present, putting all your energy into the shot at hand
  • Learn mental techniques to heighten your senses for the short game
  • Cure the yips and develop a smooth, confident stroke
  • Learn how to quickly forget your mistakes and remain positive
  • Learn how to relax and enjoy the game in between shots, but enter a highly focused positive state during shots
  • Learn an on-course strategy to rule out "the big numbers"
  • Learn the mental game from the world's best players
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Renegade Golf Audios by Stephen Ladd and Bill Gladwell (120 mins)

Yes, add the audios to my order for just $10

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