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Play to Win In 5 Steps!

I have the all too common experience of watching people who are serious about their game, want to score low, but don’t know how. They make decisions about club selection and execution as if they were either ten years younger and had the skill of a tour player or, they are so cautious, they add numerous strokes to their game. If you are serious about scoring low, then there are a few things that will help you.

Playing to win requires in integration of five components. 1) Good fitted equipment; 2) Sound swing mechanics; 3) Good course management for golf; 4) Solid Pre shot routine, and 5) Self Mastery.

1) Good equipment works with you to make good contact with ball. If your shafts are too flexible or too stiff, you are in trouble. You will mishit shots and think it is your swing. Make sure you have the best equipment fitted for your swing.

2) If your swing mechanics are off, be it your grip, stance, balance, swing play or whatever you will frustrate yourself. Get a couple of lessons by a PGA professional if you need it and stop wasting stokes.

3) You have to make intelligent decisions for good course management for golf. Bad decisions can cost you a lot of strokes.You have to be realistic a bout your ability to make the right decision. If you have at least a 50-50% chance of success then you are thinking well. Play to your strengths and trust your short game. You will save a lot of strokes.

4) A solid pre-short routine provides a foundation for success. When target focus, visualization, yogic breathing, commitment, and rhythm are ignored, you arelimiting your ability to succeed.

5) Self-Mastery of emotions, concentration, focus, self-talk, expectations, and negative thinking will take your life and game to another level. Master the basic fundamentals for a sound mental game and you will see strokes fall off your game.

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Dr. Ron Mann

teaches an integrated mind/body/spirit approach to peak performance. He is the author of the LA Times Bestseller, Integrating Spirituality with Psychotherapy, Bouncing Back: How to Recover When Life Knocks You Down, The Yoga of Golf, and the audio CD Find the Zone II: Master the Mental Game of Golf.

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