Tiger’s Right Hand Putting Drill

Is your putting stroke right or left hand dominant?

1. I use this drill all the time. Three feet from a hole, I push two tees in the ground just outside the heel and toe, forming a gate for the putterhead. I alternate hitting 12 putts with my right hand only, then six with both hands, until I make 50 or 100 in a row. If I miss, I start over.


2. On these short putts, it’s critical to keep the putterhead moving straight back and through. I place the tees so close together that if the putter veers off line even a tiny bit during the stroke, it’ll crash into one of the tees.

3. Having my name stamped on the ball is more than just a nice touch. I actually draw a line through my name with a marker and use that as an alignment aid. The line also reminds me to keep my head still until the ball is on its way.

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