Try Spot Putting For The Best Way To Putt

Here’s a quick mental game tip for more consistent putting.

The best putters in the world are “spot” putters.


This means that (after reading the break on the putt) the focus is on the direction you want to the ball to travel in the first 2-3 feet of the putt. You pick a spot that you want the ball to roll over in this range and then focus on executing this. This spot can be a discolored piece of grass, a spike mark or anything that gives you a target to aim at within 2-3 feet, the closer to the ball the better. This achieves the following objective which is key for good putting. Firstly you are not concentrating on the hole, so you are less likely to come out of your posture prematurely and look at the ball’s final target, which causes miss-hit putts. Staying over the ball until the ball has been hit will improve your ball striking leading to more consistent putts.

You achieve a much more consistent “roll” on the ball, which is the most important factor in good putting. Not “trying” to make putts, but instead hitting a solid putt to an intermediary target will make you a much better putter. Try it!!!

Would be great to hear how you get on with this new thinking.


Free Mental Game of Putting Course

David MacKenzie

is a golf coach and golf publisher and lives in Washington DC. He is the founder of Golf State of Mind a teaching program designed to help golfers eliminate negative mental interference and play with confidence.

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  1. Dexter(QuoteGuy)

    Great post. I’m going to try this. I had 5 3 putts on the front nine of my last round which led to 3 triples and 2 doubles. I settled down on the back nine and recorded no 3 putts. I could have dropped at least 5 strokes if I hadn’t had those 3 putts. Thanks for the advice. Have a good one.

  2. Mike Ferraguti

    An issue with this approach is finding a spot. It can be difficult to do on a manicured green. You may pick out a discolored blade of grass, address the ball, and then you lose the mark because the blade of grass looks differently from the address position.

  3. ben lee

    I really struggle with confidence when putting im a steady golfer, but cant seem to improve as i never manage to hole any putts which can cause the rest of my game to go off. is there any good drills to help improve confidence with putting. to stop 3 putts and make more putts from inside 10 feet. thanks for your time.

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