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Check out a few samples from the training:

Get Your 30 Day Free TrialThen $19.97 per month

“In David MacKenzie, you have a coach who really understands and applies that simple but profound truth.”

Karl Morris
Karl Morris Mind Coach To Six Major Winners

“Of all the mental training packages available, Golf State of Mind is at the highest level. The content is superbly written based on good science, and knowledge David has gained from the many high-level players with whom he works. More importantly, the drills and exercises for their application are clear. Dial-in! This stuff really works.”

Dr. Glen Albaugh
Dr. Glen Albaugh Sport Psychologist and Author of "Winning The Battle Within"

“David’s coaching highlights the difference that makes a difference. When you practice these fundamentals you not only remove self imposed interference, but it returns you to your natural brilliance. Simple and deceptively brilliant.”

Pete Taylor
Pete Taylor English Golf Union

“David MacKenzie is truly an expert in coaching the performance skills of the mental side of golf. For what is complicated for most to communicate, David does in a simple, clear, and effective way. His ideas help golfers shoot lower scores and enjoy the game more.”

Dr. Rick Sessinghaus
Dr. Rick Sessinghaus Sport Psychologist and Editor of Golf Tips Magazine

“David’s teaching cuts through all the noise in golf coaching and gets to the heart of what’s really needed to consistently improve.”

Benn Barham
Benn Barham European Tour Player

“David's training has helped me quieten my mind in pressure situations and given me a solid mental process to manage my thoughts and emotions for the entire round. It’s given me a whole new level of confidence in my game and it show’s in my results.”

David Krajny
David Krajny CEO RE/MAX Czech Republic | Slovakia, 4th in Czech Republic Mid-Amateur
Get Your 30 Day Free TrialThen $19.97 per month