In the past 10 years of coaching the mental game of golf, I’ve had success curing the yips in hundreds of golfers. What is the secret to this success?

Curing the yips is a process. It’s not about quick fixes and tips that last a round or two, I mean a cure for good.

First, we need to pin point exactly what “type” of yips you have. By this I mean, do you have:

  • neurological yips?
  • yips caused by performance anxiety?
  • a combination of both?
  • Is the yips more in one hand than the other?
  • Do you have them when you practice?

Then we need to experiment with specific techniques that will engage your mind during your shots, so that you are able to keep your mind occupied, so your body can simply play the shot or hit the putt.

This engagement will become your “routine” for each shot, which is what you are going to focus on to make sure you are distracted by the “process” and not the “outcome”.

Once we’ve established your routine, this is how you will measure the success of each shot (with my mental game scorecard).

What’s in the Yips Cure Training Program?

In these 7 Modules, you’ll find the most effective techniques to build your shot routine and overcome the performance anxiety that comes with the yips.


Module 1: What is the yips and what type do you have?


  • Why are the yips more prevalent in the short game and putting?
  • Over-control and fear of impact
  • Why do the yips rarely happen in practice and during practice swings/strokes
  • What’s happening in the brain?
  • 3 Causes of The Yips
  • Focal Dystonia (Neurological Yips)
  • Yips caused by performance anxiety
  • Yips caused by poor technique
  • How to determine what type of yips you have

Module 2: Managing Performance Anxiety


  • What causes performance anxiety?
  • Fear of embarrassment and failure
  • The physical and mental symptoms of performance anxiety
  • What is the “stress response”?
  • How to reduce performance anxiety
  • Self-talk
  • How to use the time in between shots
  • Separating you the player from you the person
  • Managing physical tension

Module 3: Changing Your Beliefs

  • Positive Affirmations
  • Anchors (NLP)
  • Stop talking about the yips!
  • Visualization (Mental Imagery)
  • Pre-round Visualization
  • Keeping a success journal

Module 4: The Importance of The Shot Routine

  • How The Shot Routine Helps The Yips
  • Shot Routine Fundamentals
  • Pre-shot routine
  • After the shot: Choose your response
  • Your mental game scorecard




Module 5: What to focus on before and during your stroke


  • Distraction techniques
  • Connecting with feel
  • Connecting with imagery
  • Where to focus the eyes
  • Initiating the swing or stroke
  • Tempo
  • Using music and counting




Module 6: Technical Cures For The Yips


  • Grip changes
  • Shot selection
  • Ball position
  • Club path and the yips
  • Using the bigger muscles
  • Your dominant hand
  • Improving Alignment
  • Stroke improvement for putting
  • Weight distribution
  • Your putting style

Module 7: Effective Practice To Eliminate The Yips

  • Over 50 practice drills for random and competitive skills practice for chipping and putting
  • Pressurized practice
  • Routine practice
  • Distance control practice



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