Learn why my mental game scorecard works

Throughout the work I’ve done with golfers who play at a very competitive level (Tour players, college golfers, elite amateurs etc.), I’ve realized the importance of having a mental framework, or mental discipline if you will, which can allow a player to access their best skills under the most intense pressure.

If a player allows themselves to simply react to the pressure of a competitive situation, anything can happen. Their minds can run wild with thoughts of “what ifs” and they can panic and allow nerves to take control, resulting in a lack of trust and inconsistent golf swings.

A mental framework for your rounds

My mental framework has been proven by PGA Tour players, National Amateur champions and some of the best NCAA (US College) golfers. And now I’d like you to use it!

You’ll notice the first thing to fill out on the mental game scorecard is your “Process Goals” for a round. These are the types of things you do when you’re hitting your best shots, i.e. your routines, mental triggers, positive self-talk etc. If we can get your mental and physical process the same every time, we maximize the chance of your swing or stroke being the same. Conversely, if we are distracted by what the outcome means and whether we are capable of pulling it off (an inconsistent process), the swing (or stroke) will be inconsistent also.

So the idea of my mental game scorecard is that (primarily) we measure your ability to keep your focus in the same place during a round. This is about staying in “your process” during the shot routine, and “in the present” during the “in between” shot time.

So firstly, we need to make your process goals for every shot, regardless of the situation.

Why make “process” the goal?

Your mental and physical process for each shot is something you have complete control over. The outcome of each shot is something that you don’t have 100% control over, it’s uncertain. Whenever you’re more focused on something uncertain, whether it be the “what ifs” about the next shot i.e. if I don’t make this putt, then this will happen, or if I make it then this…”, you cause stress. The human brain doesn’t like uncertainty and it triggers the stress response (muscle tension, increased heart rate, not being able to think clearly).

To counter this, we’re going to focus on what you have control of: your Process, the things you can do before, during and after every shot which maximize the chance of success. A Tour player’s focus is on the exact same series of mental and physical steps for every shot – they train themselves on this. If the process is the same every time, there’s a higher possibility that the physical will be too (your swing).

So, my players know that the best way to measure success is with “the process” which is why I’ve created this scorecard. So, before your next round, enter in 3 process goals and if you hit those goals, give yourself a check mark on the mental game scorecard. We want the % number of shots you hit to be as high as possible.

So what is the crucial next step?

Do you struggle with pre-round nerves or does your mind wander in between shots onto negatives such as whether your swing is good enough, what you look like on front of your playing partners, why you’re playing poorly or how long your good play will last?

Then I recommend you get my Ultimate Mental Game Training System which will take you through how to build mental toughness and unshakable confidence, so you improve your ability to handle the emotional side with every round.

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