Curing Your Yips Starts Here, With Just 3 Easy Steps!

Hi David MacKenzie here,

If you’re a player that’s struggled with the chipping or putting yips for any length of time it’s too long!

Since I began focusing on mental coaching for golf over 10 years ago, curing the yips is something that I continually get asked about. It’s probably the highest pain-point in golf.

Firstly, I know exactly how you feel. I talk to new students each week (many very good players), who have had their scores and enjoyment destroyed by this horrible affliction. But it’s time to change it…

It can affect any player of any level, but surprisingly it affects more low handicappers than it does high. Even seasoned PGA Tour players, aren’t safe from it. The likes of Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Johnny Miller, Bernhard Langer and Tom Watson have all suffered from what some golfers refer to as a “disease”.

I’ve worked with literally hundreds of players with the yips, many of whom are very good players close to quitting the game. From tee to green they can have a scratch game and then on and  around the green they can look like a beginner.

Fortunately for you, I’ve put together a FREE 3 Part System which will have you playing yip-free in no time. Click below to start now.

Breaking your Yips Cycle will help you reach and enjoy your best game of golf in no time.