It’s clear for everyone to see that to become the best player you can be requires work on all areas of your game, not just the technical aspects.

If you’re serious about getting better, you not only need a good swing, but you need to work on your mental game, fitness (golf-specific) and a healthy nutrition plan. It’s about maximizing everything you can to reach your lower scoring goals.

Rory McIlroy’s Workout Regimen

Rory McIlroy realized this 2 years ago, when he started his fitness regimen and the results are clearly visible in the way he looks and his success on the course.

When Rory came on the scene 7 years ago, he was slight in body size and was lacking in overall strength. Although already an accomplished golfer, he realized he had room to improve by working on his Flexibility, Stability, Strength and Power.

Today he’s toned and one of the longest (and most accurate) drivers on Tour – a whopping 311 yards on average, which for a guy who’s 5’10 and 164 lbs, shows you the benefit of his structured golf-specific workouts.

Working out your “golf-specific” muscles

It’s good to go to the gym regardless, but if you don’t know how to work on the muscles you need to improve your game, you’re throwing away time and an opportunity to score better. Sign up below to find out the exercises Rory does to workout his “golf-specific” muscles to improve his distance and accuracy.

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