Check out my 2-part interview with Karl Morris, mind coach to 6 major winners and hundreds of Tour players. No matter what level of player you are, there’s something to help you.

Interview part 1


Karl’s coaching philosophy [1:02]
Is golf a mental game? [2:57]
The problem with positive thinking [4:48]
Thinking before a round [6:16]
Goal setting before a round and the “Circle 18” game [8:03]
The space in between shots [11:02]
Reducing focus on score [13:34]

Interview part 2


Connecting with why you play the game [0:09]
Why get upset with the game of golf? [1:15]
Your golf scores have nothing to do with who you are as a person [1:35]
Each player is different in the motivation that makes them succeed [2:20]
Think about how you practice [3:14]
Not playing well but scoring well [6:00]
Making practice harder than the game and shaping your perception [6:52]
Ten chance game for the driving range [8:21]
Lose-lose practice on the putting green [10:00]
Putting to a needle [10:19]
Louis Oosthuizen’s Red Dot [11:00]
What’s the problem with Tiger Woods? [14:45]
Has Tiger’s focus in his routine changed? [15:47]
Karl’s best putting tip [18:05]

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