7 Strategies to play with more confidence and less fear and lower scores

The Goals Of A Better Mental Game:

• By shifting your focus away from results and future consequences, and more towards process and what you are doing in the present moment, you will alleviate pressure and create freedom

• By setting small incremental goals for your practice and play, they will eventually become subconscious behaviors and habits

• By improving your focus and playing sensory golf (instead of “playing golf swing”), you’ll being able to access your “athletic mind” and find the target more often

• By shaping your mindset, you’ll be able to more easily overcome challenges and adversity (develop a winner’s mindset)

• By getting to know yourself better, you’ll learn how to access your “Optimal Performance State” more often

• By learning how to talk to yourself in the right way, you can stay confident and optimistic

• By practicing in a more effective way that simulates playing, you’ll learn how to improve playing skills and focus under pressure

• How to manage performance anxiety and calm yourself down under pressure

Your Mental Game Scorecard

One of the keys to success in improving your mental game is my mental scorecard, which you will also get access to upon sign up. This scorecard is to be taken with you to to the course and is designed to keep you focused on what’s most important for optimal performance.