Whenever you’re practicing, it’s VERY important to have an objective in mind, so you’re making practice time as constructive as possible. One of the best ways to do this is by playing games and trying to beat a score each time. In addition to developing key areas of your game and being able to keep track of where your game is (keep a record of your scores), you put yourself under the same pressure as on the golf course, where EVERY shot has a consequence. Also, it just makes practicing more fun!

Here’s a drill from my new eBook: Practice Drills and Tips to Conquer The Mental Game, which contains many great drills to have more fun practicing whilst making it as effective as possible.

On the Driving range: The “Good Miss” Drill

Aim of the game: You learn how to play smart. If a pin is cut on the left side of the green with trouble to the left, it’s clearly too aggressive to aim at the pin. Learn a conservative aggressive strategy and avoid mistakes by making “good misses”.

1. On the range, pick 2 targets about 30 yards wide and at least 150 yards away and imagine the area between them is the green.
2. Then imagine that one side of the green is the trouble – bunkers, water or trees.
3. The goal is to try and keep the ball on the green but on the opposite side of the trouble.
4. Hit 6 balls and try to make them all good misses by hitting the “right” side of green that you are picturing and use the following scoring system:

Hitting the “right” side of the green (opposite side of trouble): 3 pts

Hitting the trouble: -2 pts

Missing the green: -1 pts

Hitting all 6 on the correct side of the green will give you a perfect 18. Have a go and try and beat your best score each time. The Golf State of Mind eBookhas plenty of drills to work your all areas of your game and get your into the winning mentality during your practice sessions.