Do you want to get better, but you struggle to know exactly how to do it? Take my assessment, speak with me and I’ll create a plan for you.

How Does Mental Coaching Work?

Step 1: Assess your mental game strengths and weaknesses

  • What are your goals?
  • Performance issues that trouble you
  • Emotional issues holding you back
  • Increasing awareness of what’s triggering good and bad performances
  • Where do you put your focus during the round?
  • How do you look at your game?
  • What is your mindset?

Step 2: Ongoing Assignments/Exercises:

  • Building a Pre-shot Routine
  • Mental game scorecard
  • Post-round review process
  • Success log – highlighting success and building self-image
  • Visualization/Mental rehearsal exercises
  • Relaxation/Mindfulness exercises
  • Processing negative outcomes
  • Awareness of self-talk and body language
  • Effective practice (weekly practice exercises)
  • Pre-round routines

Why mental golf coaching works:

  • The coach is a neutral party
  • Years of experience working with players
  • Accountability to exercises and process goals during rounds
  • A clear measurable plan with milestones and process goals for each round
  • Learning the tools to help mental and emotional control
  • Learn how to manage variability


Matt Campbell Korn Ferry Tour

“Since working with David Mackenzie my outlook on golf has completely changed and because of that my success has continued to grow! Instead of measuring my rounds by by score I now measure my rounds by how well my process was and by no coincidence it seems that when my process is better my scores are lower. I am excited to keep working with him and see where this journey takes us.”

Gary Daniels

I have been working with David MacKenzie for several years and have really learned and benefitted from his wealth of information. How to utilize my time to practice and prepare for tournaments has been extremely helpful as well. With 11 grandchildren I spend much less time practicing these days! Also using the mental score card in competition has definitely helped me solidify my pre and post shot routine in competition. My scores are considerably better in tournament play vs casual play. Thanks David!

Cyril Bouniol

“Working with David has been very productive and beneficial for me. He is a great listener and has equipped me with a variety of tools to face pressure. The mental aspect of the game is a never ending process but thanks to David, now I do have a process! He trains me to focus on what I can control and on having specific process goals in order to stay grounded in the present moment at all times. I am beyond grateful to have David on my team.”

Filip Raza

“David has helped me truly enjoy my golf by helping me let go of expectation and results and play with freedom and focus. The rewards for my work with David has been showing in my recent achievements one being winning the Slovakia Amateur Championship.”

Josh Hill Golf

“Working with David has really helped me develop a strong mental process meaning my focus is in the right place before and during shots, which makes a big difference when playing tournament golf”.

Connor Golembski

“David has been a tremendous help preparing mentally for tournaments and helping me with techniques to deal with the challenges in every round. I’ve never felt so ready for an event before it starts.”


“David is a great speaker and does a wonderful job making the mental side of golf relatable to golfers of all levels. His approach is very practical and easy to follow and the library of resources is extremely useful! I recommend my students work with David – he bridges the gap between instruction and bringing your game to the course!”

Maia Schechter Golf

“David has helped me reach a new level in my golf game. He has equipped me with a toolbox full of techniques to help me succeed in high pressure situations. One of the things we have focused on is building a process that works for me and that I can rely on. Since I started working with David I have learned how to build confidence, which is a key to competing at the highest level.”

Buddy Wehrli Golf

“Working with David has been monumental for my golf game. He has taught me how to score in tournaments and be very successful in them. He makes everything so easy to understand and very fun to learn. I am very grateful for David and his coaching. Great coach and an even better guy.”

Anastasia Bakal Golf

“Working with David MacKenzie helped me reach a whole new level in my game and the techniques we worked on were key to my winning this year’s Russian Junior Championship. He has a great insight into the mind of an elite golfer and I use his techniques during every round to keep me confident and focused. Thanks David!”