Are you ready to eliminate those score-destroying mistakes that keep you from playing to your potential?

How do you know which area of your mental game is holding you back the most?

How do you know which thoughts that you already have are creating a mood for success?

How do you know how to work on your mental game?

Let’s stop guessing and start assessing!

Your mental game assessment

During the past 10 years of performance coaching, I’ve become pretty good about asking the “right” questions, so I get the answers needed to provide easy solutions to get my students on track for developing a strong mental game and reaching their full potential.

Starting your mental game improvement with my assessment is probably the most effective (and economical) way to improve your mental game.

Why Assess Your Mental Game?

  • To identify the beliefs and attitudes that are holding you back
  • To reveal the triggers that take you out of the zone and affect your thought process in competition
  • To eliminate the mental obstacles to break through your performance barriers
  • To master proven mental strategies to give your performance a boost!

In my 20 min mental game assessment, we’ll focus on the key areas of the mental game:

  1. Your goals and commitment
  2. Your mental approach to competition
  3. Your mental control
  4. Your emotional control
  5. Your focus and concentration
  6. Your routines (before, during and after a round)
  7. How you practice

Once you’ve completed your assessment, you’ll get a 30 min one-on-one with me (via phone, Skype or FaceTime), during which I’ll give you a mental game improvement plan which you can start immediately.

Special offer (this week only)

If you book your mental game assessment this week, you’ll get 50% off the normal price, making it just $49.97!

Start Your Assessment Now

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