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Golf State of Mind Mental Training System

Learn How To Take Your Game To The Next Level With Half The Effort

With this program you’ll work through 7 modules that will challenge and improve all areas of your game and give you the mental edge you need to play every round with confidence.

Module One: Why your set up determines how good your swing is.
Module Two: How to visualize and feel shots like the tour pros.
Module Three: Gain confidence for every shot with a killer pre-shot routine .
Module Four: How to develop unshakable mental toughness.
Module Five: Shoot lower scores with this essential pre-round warm-up.
Module Six: Why Your Scorecard holds the secret to lowering your handicap.
Module Seven: 4 Secrets and 9 Drills  to making  your practice meaningful.

The Golf State of Mind Training Program – The most effective way to consistently improve. Each chapter is filled with drills and lessons that you can work on without a golf club, which will take you towards better performance on the golf course.

I’ll teach you how to use every minute you spend practicing as effectively as possible. You’ll also increase self-belief and confidence to enjoy more consistent golf by developing the mental toughness you need to rise to all the challenges you will face. This means you will develop the ability to stay positive, focused, and be decisive on the course.

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About David MacKenzie:

David MacKenzie is a mental game golf coach and lives in Washington DC. He currently coaches golfers of all levels on how to improve and maintain confidence on the golf course and enjoy the game, irrespective of score. David has devised a unique, yet simple, way to learn golf that does not involve any technical game learning. He teaches drills to improve powers of visualization and feel, how to switch on and off on the golf course and maximize a player’s potential.

What others are saying

aubrey mccormick golf“David Mackenzie has a subtle yet genius approach toward the mental game. I got the chance to work with him and his knowledge of the mental game really helped to change my thought process on the golf course. After working with him, I felt more confident and I look forward to working with him in the future!”
– Aubrey McCormick, Big Break Atlantis 2012 Competitor

peter taylor english golf union“David’s eBook highlights the difference that makes a difference. When you practice these fundamentals you not only remove self imposed interference, but it returns you to your natural brilliance. Simple and deceptively brilliant.”
– Peter Taylor, Golf Mind Coach, English Golf Union

eben dennis golfDavid captures the real essence of how to play golf with a clear mind while helping you focus on a repeatable process, instead of the technical details. David can help any golfer find his natural self. By doing this, he makes the game simpler and more fun for all. Way to go David.” ~ Eben Dennis, Power Feel Golf and Former Mental Coach for Nick Faldo

mental game ebook“David MacKenzie has created an amazing tool for anyone ready to tackle the mental game of golf. His “Golf State of Mind” system is very organized and yet exquisitely simple. David takes you through each aspect of the game, from long to short, talking you through the stumbling blocks and helping you clear them out of your way. I love it. His insights help my golf game, and my everyday life.” ~ Danielle Tucker, The Golf Club Radio Show.

For just $9.95 you’ll get a blueprint that works for the elite players I work with, and I’ve no doubt it will work for you.

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