Are frustrated that you can’t play as well as you practice?

Do you fail to get better as each season passes?

Do you always fall short under pressure by letting nerves get to you?

Do you have the yips?

Do you lose focus over the course of 18 holes?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then keep reading. I have the solution to get you consistently moving towards your best with every round.

DavidMack150Hello, for those of you who don’t know me already, I’m David MacKenzie the founder of Golf State of Mind.

I started this coaching website after I realized (and was experiencing myself), that 99% of golfers go about game improvement in a very ineffective way.

About 15 years ago, just before I started Golf State of Mind and coaching the mental side of the game, I was stuck in a rut with my game. My dedication to improve was there – I was putting in several hours per week practicing, and playing competitively most weekends.

But I just couldn’t improve my scores.

I could hit great shots, I just couldn’t hit enough of them to put a good round together. I knew I had it in me, but that was no consolation at the end of yet another round in the mid 80s.

I literally tried everything – swing lessons (my fundamentals were strong), DVDs, training aids and hundreds of books. Nothing could make me hit more good shots and less bad ones to enable me to consistently improve.

When I was 18 I was fortunate to attend the University of St. Andrews and it was there that I learned the secret of what it really takes to play better golf with every round and practice session. And it didn’t cost me a penny…

After one year I had achieved my #1 goal in golf, a scratch handicap to which I still play to today.

During that year, I discovered that once you have decent fundamentals and basic swing mechanics (like I already did), you already have a good enough technical game to become a scratch golfer. The rest is about how you develop the mental side of the game and how you practice.

I took a deep delve into sports psychology (most of it was hard to understand and and apply) and the inner workings of the mind of an elite athlete, and I translated it into something that I could actually use.

I figured out how to eliminate tension in my swing and I developed almost tunnel vision between the ball and my target. I could also shape it too! One of the biggest differences between the elite player and the weekend golfer is their ability to “quieten” their mind, which allows them to be totally in the present and free from distractions like where the trouble is and whether they have good swing mechanics. They’re 100% focused on the shot. I figured out exactly how to do this.

In fact, all negative distractions became a thing of the past and it was replaced by trust and confidence which became a powerful handicap reducer!

I then devised practice games, to simulate course pressure, so when I stepped onto the first tee of a competition I had no nerves! It was an amazing feeling.

When I realized what a powerful thing I had discovered and produced, I had to share it with other golfers, and hence, the Golf State of Mind Training System was born.

How did I do this?

Once I started to share the results of the year and techniques I used,  I realized that it was something that other golfers could benefit from.

With that in mind, I put together a 7 module course highlighting exactly what I did to get to scratch.  Absolutely nothing was held back.  I tentatively released the information (at a very high price to discourage “tire-kickers”)  to a select mailing list.  I wanted to see what the results might be.  Really it was a test to see if the techniques that I learnt could work for anyone.

The results were, to say the least, remarkable.  Many of the people who too part in that original test had huge and almost instant results.  Within seven days one participant HAD TAKEN EIGHT STROKES OFF HIS PREVIOUS BEST!  Others defeated playing partners who had beaten them for years and a handful went on to win their club championships. 

I’d like to share the fundamentals of this program with you today in my 7 Mental Strategies For Lower Scores eBook.