Firstly, download your mental game scorecard by clicking here, then follow the steps below:

1. Set Your Process Goals

Before a round, write down 3-4 process goals for each shot. This could be “100% commitment”, “Visualization”, “Balance”, “Alignment” etc.
These process goals could be slightly different for full shots, short game and putting, which is why there are boxes for each type of shot.
One of first things we work on in the Ultimate Mental Game Training System, is working out the best process goals for you.

2. Score yourself for each shot by process

If you have 4 process goals for each shot, then you need to achieve all 4 to get yourself a check mark which you put in the box for the hole you’re playing. E.g. if you scored a 4 on hole 1, and all of those shots were “in your process”, you will have 4 check marks in the box for hole one. Give yourself a check mark for tap-ins.

An example of a completed scorecard

3. Calculate your process score

How many shots did you stay in your process out of your actual score?
At the end of the round, total up the number of checks you have and your total score. To calculate your % process score, divide the total check marks by the total number of actual shots and multiply by 100. E.g. 54 check marks out of a 72 actual score would be 54/72 x 100 = 75%. So you were in your process for 75% of shots.

4. Rate yourself out of 10 for other criteria in the box:

How present you were able to stay (out of 10)
How well you process negatives and deal with performance anxiety (out of 10)
How good pre-round mental game warm up was (out of 10)
How good was nutrition and hydration (before and during round, out of 10)
How good was course strategy (out of 10)

The maximum points for these is 5 x 10 = 50

5. Calculate your total mental score by adding the process % to the score out of 50.

Total max score is 150.

Make a good mental score the goal for every round!