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As you will know if you’ve listened to the video above, I’ve managed to negotiate you a fantastic deal on 3 of Karl Morris’ most popular mental game programs. This is exactly the coaching that he uses with major winners such as Graeme McDowell, Louis Oosthuizen, Charl Schwartzel and Darren Clarke. For the next few days, you can get almost 73% ($268) off the combined value of these 3 fantastic products.

But due to this massive discount, Karl has only let me offer this deal to you until Sunday evening at 11:59pm PT. Here’s what you’ll get:

The Players Program – 3 hour Audio Golf Program plus downloadable manual

The complete MIND COACHING training course. The most complete mental game program ever. After 6 years research and testing with some of the world’s leading players, here is a program for YOU personally to take control of your mental game and your future golfing destiny. A total program to Train Your Golf Brain and overcome the MIND FACTOR. This program has been personally used by a number of MAJOR WINNERS and EUROPEAN TOUR Winners. It is a program which gives you the ‘inside story’ of how mental game tools and techniques have assisted some of the world’s very best players.

You will learn

• Why conventional goal setting DOESN’T work
• HOW your brain can change
• How to overcome your golfing fears
• Why POSITIVE thinking doesn’t work
• How to STOP thinking so much
• Free your mind with a NEUTRAL mind
• Why your practice isn’t working
• The ‘BRADMAN’ effect
• Change your swing by changing your brain
• Pictures not words
• Regaining control
• The POWER of a simple CIRCLE
• How to play a NEW game of golf
• HOW to be FOCUSED and CALM
• How to DEAL with setbacks
• The effect of MEMORY on your game TODAY
• A simple ritual to be READY to PLAY
• How to WARM up your golf MIND

THE PUTTING FACTOR – The Secrets to YOU becoming GREAT on the GREENS.

A new and refreshing perspective on how YOU can LEARN to think differently about your putting and become GREAT on the greens.

This 2 hour audio program will provide you with a TOTALLY NEW and REFRESHING outlook to your putting. Giving you practical TOOLS and TECHNIQUES you can apply INSTANTLY.

Audio One Track One – Introduction

  • The perception of putting
  • Careers ruined by putting
  • Blending technical with mental
  • Your Identity
  • Momentum
  • Rewarding good ball striking

Track Two – Begin with the end in mind

  • The key to becoming a great putter
  • Poor reactions – poor putting
  • Dealing with negative outcomes
  • Dare to lose to be able to win
  • Dealing with E-motion
  • Developing resilience

Track Three – The Power of perception

  • What is your attention REALLY on?
  • Getting the best from your practice
  • Radical ideas for radical progress
  • Shaping our perception
  • The ‘Magic Needle’
  • Ready to play

Track Four – Being Present

  • The skill of ‘Being Present’
  • Your ‘Time Zones’
  • How tension kills your feel
  • The body and time travel
  • Holding your mind in the ‘Now’
  • A sacred putting ritual

Track Five – The power of strong images

  • Objects to targets
  • Golf is unique – We can ‘see’ the target
  • Losing our images
  • The ‘secret’ to visualization
  • Simple Question – magical results
  • Attention in the RIGHT place

Audio Two Track One – Quiet Eyes

  • The science of ‘Quiet Eyes’
  • Good Putter – Poor Putter – Patterns
  • Gaze control
  • Busy eyes – busy mind
  • Training your focus
  • Putting the pieces together

Track Two – Let me tell you a STORY!

  • The power of a good story
  • Is it always true?
  • A life of their own
  • What is YOUR story?
  • Editing and changing your story
  • A new beginning

Track Three – Powerful memories

  • Laying down the tracks of success
  • Building self confidence
  • Memories and the power of writing
  • Searching out success
  • Having dinner with good putters
  • Choosing your own memories

Track Four – The Yips – Is there any hope?

  • The 3 types of Yips
  • Focal Dystonia
  • Performance anxiety
  • S.E.E. Significant Emotional Event
  • Hope and the way forward

ATTENTION!! The SECRET to YOU playing GREAT golf (eBook)

The SECRETS to unlocking YOUR true potential.

The Power of Focused Attention

How to Learn the Golf Swing
Using your brain to move your body more efficiently

Free Yourself to play Your Best Golf
Understanding your core-self and your performer-self

The Three Phases of Golf
The fundamentals of an effective and efficient MIND FACTOR

The Golf Course
The art of PLAYING golf

On The Green
Becoming a great putter

The ‘Cone of Contention’
The secret to low scoring

How to Make Your Practice Count
Make every practice session worthwhile

Golf’s ‘Thinking Sins’
Mental bunkers and how to avoid them

How to set Effective Goals
The brain and why most people fail with goal setting

Fuel for the Fire
Golf nutrition to fuel your brain

Coaching in Golf – and other Sports
What you can learn from other sports to improve your golf

The Three Phases in Your Life
Applying the MIND FACTOR to all areas of your life

About Karl Morris

These products were created by Karl Morris, one of Europe’s leading Performance Coaches who has worked with and achieved success with SIX Major winners and over 100 PGA Tour, European Tour, LPGA and Ladies European Tour golfers. The MIND FACTOR has consistently produced outstanding results for clients at ALL LEVELS of sport and business with a practical and applicable approach based on real world experience as opposed to classroom theory. Karl Morris is not a Sports Psychologist but a PGA Professional specializing in Performance Coaching.