A couple of weeks ago, we saw a name at the top of the leaderboard that few of us had seen before. John Rahm (Rodriguez) surprised many by hanging tough with the big names and claiming his first PGA Tour victory at just 22 years old.

Being a keen follower of NCAA college golf, I’d heard of John Rahm many times before.

His credentials as an amateur are up there with the best. He won 11 NCAA tournaments, was a 2 time winner of the Ben Hogan award (for best college player in the US) and became the No.1 ranked amateur in the world in 2016.

Phil Mickelson said (after his win) that he wasn’t surprised at Rahm’s success so early in his professional career. Shortly before the tournament, Phil played in a match with him at Whisper Rock in Scottsdale, Az. Phil shot what he thought was a solid round of 66 and got beaten by comfortably 4 & 3 (Rahm shot a 62). Mickelson said this week: “Every part of his game is a strength…I think he’s one of the best players in the world.” (golf.com)

Tim Mickelson (Phil’s brother) is Rahm’s former-coach at ASU (Arizona State University) and now his manager and agent. While at ASU, Tim recognized Rahm’s massive potential and told him that if he wants to become the best he can, he not only needs to work on this playing skills, but he must get on a good nutrition and fitness plan. Tim was already using nutritional products by a company called Isagenix, and seeing the huge benefits himself, he had John try them. Since then, it’s formed an integral part of his diet and in fact (the owners of Isagenix have personally sponsored him to promote the company’s great health products, notice the logo on his red shirt with the trophy on Sunday). These products will keep him healthy, help him control his weight and improve his performance on the course.

The reason this is of interest to me is that I take my own nutrition and that of my students very seriously, and coincidentally, I’ve been using Isagenix products for a few years (and so do many of my students).

Why I use and recommend Isagenix

1. Nutrients

I take 2 Isagenix shakes each day (morning and lunch) and 2 IsaLean bars (mid morning and mid afternoon). In those 2 shakes and bars I get all the nutrients I need along with around 100g of protein. In a regular meal you don’t know exactly what nutrients (vitamins and minerals) you’re getting.

2. Calorie control

I know exactly how many calories I’m consuming each day (assuming I have a healthy, high protein meal in the evening). All the Isagenix products are low-glycemic (low carbs) and the ones I use are high protein, meaning I’m going to maintain a healthy weight.

3. Sports performance

Many of the Isagenix products are designed for high performance athletes and from personal experience and that of my students, I know you’ll see an improvement in your mental clarity, energy and you’ll be able keep your focus going until that last putt drops on the 18th.

4. Time

I don’t have to think at all about what I’m going to do for breakfast and lunch. Instead of having to spend time preparing food or picking up something, I save all that time, which adds up! Besides, to get the same nutritional value, you’d have to spend a lot of time buying and preparing!

5. Money

There’s no additional cost to doing Isagenix. My monthly spend is less that $200, which is probably less than I would spend on a regular diet for the same number of meals and snacks.

There are almost a hundred Isagenix products/flavors on offer (shakes, caffeine free energy shots, hydration drinks and bars to name a few). If you would like a free 15 min session with me to discuss your goals (I can conference in my sports nutritionist), please book a slot in my calendar by clicking here. Isagenix products are only available thru people using the system and we would love to discuss your specific goals and how these systems can fit into your life.