First, I’d like you to write a few things down.

  1. Your long-term goals: the biggest things you’d like to achieve in your life. This should also align with your “Purpose” or your “Why”.
  2. Weekly goals: what you would like to achieve by the end of the week?
  3. Daily goals: the most important things for you to do today.

Your 7-Step Killer Morning Routine To Start Every Day With The Mindset To Achieve Success

Step 1: Drink a glass of water

The longest time we go without drinking fluids is the 6-8 hours we are asleep. Making it a habit to drink a glass of water first thing will rehydrate you, get you thinking clearly and kickstart your metabolism.

Step 2: Get your heart rate up (2-3 minutes)

Doing 2-3 minutes of aerobic exercise will get your heart rate up will give you a boost of energy (it will wake you up as much as a cup of coffee does). Run on the spot, do jumping jacks, push ups or sit ups for just a few minutes. Listen to uplifting music while you’re doing this (start a playlist for it).

Step 3: Stretch (2-3 minutes)

Do 2-3 minutes of stretching. These don’t have to be yoga exercises, but simple stretches such as rolling your neck around, touching your toes, holding your leg to your chest etc. You’ve just spent 8 hours without moving, so it’s important to stretch out your muscles. Again, while doing this, listen to uplifting music.

Step 4: Calm The Mind (10 minutes)

During this step, we’re going to practice being able to quiet the mind. In today’s world of constant distractions (the average person checks their mobile device over 50 times a day) our powers of concentration are diminishing and our minds are always busy. By meditating for 10 minutes per day, you’ll reduce stress, improve your focus and your ability to deal with pressure. How to meditate is covered in one of the modules of my Ultimate Mental Game Training System.

Once you have a calm and receptive mind, you’re going to put some positive images into it.

Step 5. Visualize your goals (1-2 minutes)

Most people are only thinking about their goals once per year, typically when they’re making their New Year’s Resolutions. But with this daily morning practice, you’re going to multiply that by 365, which is going to help you align your daily behaviors and put your energy in the right place to take you closer to them.

Imagine where you’ll be in 5 years time and what you will have achieved. Visualize what your career, finances and fitness/health will look like in the future. Say them out loud in the present tense – “I am a Tour Player” or “I am a Successful Entrepreneur”. You can also say (out loud) the type of person you will be: “I am confident”, “I have integrity”, “I am compassionate”, etc.

Next tell yourself what you are going to achieve by the end of the week and the end of the day.

Step 6. Focus on 3 of your happiest memories (1-2 minutes)

These could be vacations or special memories with family and friends. Thinking about these times is going to put you in a good mood. During my 30 minute Mental Game Warm-Up For Golf, I suggest my players recall 3 of their most successful memories on the course. Take yourself back there and imagine those times vividly (the visual, the feelings, the sounds etc).

Step 7: Have an attitude of gratitude (1 minute)

Research suggests that being more grateful leads to better physical and mental health and lower anxiety and stress. There’s a greater sense of satisfaction in a more grateful person. Fortunately, gratitude is like a muscle and if practiced regularly, it gets stronger and stronger.

For the next minute, say 5-10 things you are grateful for.

Before a round of golf, you might want to remind yourself of all the things about it you are grateful for, no matter what score you will shoot.

With daily practice of this Killer Morning Routine, which will become a habit after a short while, you will notice you feel more motivated, have a more positive mindset to start your day and you’ll be in a much better position to achieve your goals.