Is there a big difference between your performance in practice and rounds?

Do you feel too much pressure to perform?

Struggling to find confidence?

Find it hard to focus during your shots?

React to everything that happens in the round?

The solution:

The most effective way for you to improve your mental game is with a package of 1:1 remote coaching sessions, which I offer via Zoom.

Here’s what a typical package looks like:

  • 6 hours of 1:1 coaching.
  • Detailed Mental Game Assessment and personalized coaching plan
  • Unlimited email coaching support for the duration of the package
  • Coaching support calls 5-10 mins before and after big competitions when needed
  • Comprehensive handouts, workbooks, audio lessons, practice drills and ongoing self assessment sheets

To find out pricing and more about what’s involved, please book a free consultation using the button below:


David now has over 10 years of experience working as a mental coach for golf. His mental coaching system is taught one on one (in person or remotely), in a group setting, and via his digital mental game training products and books. His system develops mental toughness, improves emotional control and teaches golfers how to stay focused on what’s most important to maximize their chance of success.


Timotej Formánek

“The older I get; I realize how important the mental side of the game is. I have never felt so
good on and off the golf course. I am sure that David has had a major impact on this.
We have been working together for a while now. I really appreciate the talks that we
have been having in between rounds, on how to stay in present and how to manage myself. I
am very grateful for what he has done for me so far and I am looking forward to what is
coming next for us as a team.”


“David is an exceptional mental coach and has greatly assisted me in my golfing career. Before I started working with David, I would consider myself a mental train wreck who did not receive adequate advice on how to improve. However, using the techniques that David has taught me, I have greatly improved my mental state on the golf course and have become a better player overall. I would highly recommend working with him!”

Josh Hill Golf

“Working with David has really helped me develop a strong mental process meaning my focus is in the right place before and during shots, which makes a big difference when playing tournament golf”.

Filip Raza

“David has helped me truly enjoy my golf by helping me let go of expectation and results and play with freedom and focus. The rewards for my work with David has been showing in my recent achievements one being winning the Slovakia Amateur Championship.”

Gabriella Cowley

“Working with David has helped me tremendously. From my routines in tournaments, state of mind before and during events, helping me to make my practice as productive as possible and helping me to focus more on what I can control. Since I’ve been working with David I feel a lot more comfortable in tournaments and every week I’m gaining more confidence.”

Lauryn Nguyen Golf

“If you want to consistently perform better on the golf course, under pressure, work with David MacKenzie! In a brief amount of time, he’s taught me mental skills which have helped me play great golf. His affirmations helped boost my confidence to believe in myself and my abilities.”


“David is a great speaker and does a wonderful job making the mental side of golf relatable to golfers of all levels. His approach is very practical and easy to follow and the library of resources is extremely useful! I recommend my students work with David – he bridges the gap between instruction and bringing your game to the course!”

Ryan Altschul

“My work with David has allowed me to grow as a golfer and a person. David has helped me to understand that change happens by hard work, patience and trusting the process. This last year with David has given me important tools to be more thoughtful on and off the golf course, to work through the harder moments and to find joy while playing the game I love.”

Samir Davidov

“When I first started working with David I was a hot-head on the course, but he turned me into the polar opposite. He helped me figure out mental strategies and techniques to stay calm, focused and play with freedom. I can only thank David for helping me play better golf in tournaments.”

Tanner Gore

“Working with David has helped me in many ways, from goal setting to being mindful of how I am thinking and feeling during times of pressure, stress, happiness, etc. The things that David has taught me, not only apply to golf, but to every day life, and have helped me grow as a golfer and a person.”

Emmanuelle Hewson Golf

“Working with David has allowed me to completely shift my perspective whilst competing to allow myself to become more mentally tough. My confidence has soared as I have learned how to deal with any negative self talk as well as being able to separate what happens on the golf course from my life outside of golf.”

Carlo Pizzano

“Since I started working with David 4 years ago, he has helped me work on my mindset for both on and off the course. As a result, I’ve become a more mentally tough and confident player, which has led to more success in tournaments and more productivity and well-being off the course.”