I’m sure that you’ve¬†experienced that golf is a very mental game…

But have you thought about improving this area of the game, like you do the physical? Did you know it’s possible?

Most golfers don’t know where to start when it come to improving their mental game, which is¬†why I created the Golf State of Mind Mental Game Training Program and it’s worked for all levels from beginner to Tour professional.

I’d like to invite you to attend my Mental Game Essentials Clinic, hosted at Hilltop Golf Club.

During this clinic, you’ll learn:

  • Your mental game blue-print for every round
  • 5 most common mental game mistakes
  • How to build mental toughness
  • The Pre-shot routine
  • Confidence triggers
  • Post shot routine (Acceptance)
  • How to manage the time in between shots
  • How to use the Power of Visualization
  • The best Pre-round warm up
  • The true measure of success for every round (it isn’t your score)
  • How to massively lower the pressure you feel to score well (and score better as a result)

Clinic times and availability:

Each clinic will have no more than 15 students and will be held at the following times at 1757.

Monday July 6th, 7-8pm

Wednesday July 7th, 6-7 pm

Thursday July 9th, 7-8pm

If you would like to reserve your spot, please email me at david [at] golfstateofmind [.com] or call 571.641.9687

Thanks for your interest and I hope to meet you at 1757 soon!