These are just a couple examples of the dozens of stretches and exercises covered in The Power Golf Fitness System.

Foam Roller Muscle Release for the Lower Body

Key exercise points:

    1. Assume the position shown for releasing each muscle group.
    2. Search for the tender areas.
    3. Either pause on the tender area and/or move back and forth over it in small strokes 5-10 times.
    4. Keep some tension in your core to stabilize your spine and lower back.
    5. Although you are looking for the areas of discomfort, only allow it to be a 7/10.
    6. Perform 30 seconds on each muscle group.


Prone Cobra

Key exercise points:

      1. You get out of this exercise what you put into it. Be meticulous with your form and give 110%.
      2. Make sure your hands face away from your body and your thumbs point upward. Check to assure your form matches that of the picture below.
      3. Keep your head in neutral – do not allow yourself to look up (most common form error).
      4. Contract your glutes and your abdominals to avoid over utilization of your lower back musculature.
      5. Hold for 30 seconds and then rest for 15 seconds. Repeat for 2-6 sets. Eventually work to reduce the number of sets, with the final goal being 1 x 3 minutes straight.

The Power Golf Fitness System.

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