In this one hour clinic, Hilltop’s David MacKenzie is going to show you the drill and techniques that Tour players use to:

  • Read greens
  • Utilize the power of visualization
  • Make the stroke instinctive, so you don’t need to think about it
  • Improve lag putting, for fewer 3-putts
  • Increase confidence
  • Make the hole look bigger
  • Set up consistently
  • Make use of your eyes
  • Find the right putting grip to keep the putter square
  • Putt better under pressure

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to easily lower your scores, with a few simple changes!

Available times:

Tuesday July 14th at 6-7pm

Thursday July 16th at 7-8pm

Cost: $30 per person

To reserve your spot (max of 10 per session) please email me at or call the Pro-shop on (703) 719-6504