This page contains examples of one exercise from both the Strength phase and the Power phase.

Like the rest of The Power Golf Fitness System, these variations are intended to able to perform with minimal equipment in your home. If you have access to a gym facility, each exercise can be incorporated with more sophisticated equipment; for example, using a cable system instead of a band.

Band Wood Chop

Key exercise points:

  1. Set the anchor point of the band slightly higher than shoulder level.
  2. Stand with a wide and stable stance and grab the band first with the hand on the side you are rotating to – the other hand should go on top of that hand.
  3. Take a belly breath and draw your navel inward to set the deep abdominal wall.
  4. Monitor your head and spinal position – keep them in neutral throughout this exercise.
  5. Exhale as you rotate your torso on the solid and virtually immobile foundation of your legs and pelvis. Keep the path of your hands and the cable in a straight line.
  6. Pause at the bottom of the repetition, then return to the start position under control.

The Power Plank

Key exercise points:

  1. Assume the standard plank position with spine in alignment.
  2. Full contraction of all muscles in your body.
  3. Squeeze glutes, and tuck them under slightly.
  4. Drive your elbows into the floor, and towards your toes.
  5. Drive your toes into the floor and upwards toward your elbows.
  6. Put a small ball or foam roller between your legs just above your knees – squeeze hard
  7. Perform 4-6 sets of 10s on/20s off

These are just a couple examples of the dozens of stretches and exercises covered in The Power Golf Fitness System.


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