Improve your game by learning one basic process

I’ve got a game changer for you and it's exclusive to Golf State of Mind readers. Eben Dennis, one of my good friends and coach to some great players including Hall of Famer Sir Nick Faldo, PGA Champion Sean Micheel, Robert Gamez, Bob Estes, Taylore Karle and Billy Mayfair, has devised a novel approach to help you:

  • Recreate the simple process that all the greats focus on before, during and after a shot
  • Forget the golf swing and enjoy the game
  • Cure your hook or slice, even the yips!
  • Play pain free golf
  • Eliminate negative thoughts
  • Never be embarrassed by your golf game again
  • Improve your game from driver to putter

“I like the singular thinking. It’s very crucial to this game.” – Ken Venturi


What Makes Power Feel Golf So Special?

Well, without giving away the store, Eben shares his lessons from the likes of Demaret, Burke, and Hogan to focus upon the hands as the key to the golf swing.

He builds a systematic and logical approach which shows how the position, control, and path of the hands really dictate the golf swing. This is not to confuse that the swing is “handsy,” but rather the role that the hands play.

By merely concentrating on this part of the swing and our anatomy, Eben Dennis really succeeds in de-mystifying the golf swing. He continues to show that this same focus is as relevant to the putting and short game areas as it is to the full golf swing. Absent is the dictate that the golfer conforms to an idealized swing, but rather Eben succeeds in simplifying the swing and cleaning out the clutter that inhibit our natural ability.

This new approach to golf coaching is called "Power-Feel Golf" and it will teach you a new way to think about how to apply a golf club to a ball.

This system will free you from having to look for a quick fix; instead, this concept is the foundation for your best golf swing and game for the rest of your life. The three stages of any new idea that changes the status quo are ridicule, denial, and then acceptance. After reading this book, you’ll reach that third stage and know that this simple concept will change your golf game forever.

“I really began to relax about my game.” – Bob Estes, 4 time PGA Tour Winner


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Chapter Headings:

  1. Begin With The Basics: The Right Start
  2. Let Your Hands Lead The Way
  3. Create a Clear Path
  4. Out With The Old, In With The New
  5. Simplicity Training For The Mind
  6. A Clear Path To Shot-making And The Short Game
  7. Feeling is Believing
  8. The One Thought
  9. Putting It All Together