Why Do you Need My Mental Game Training Bundle?

– Are you frustrated that you can’t play as well as you practice?

– Do you always fall short under pressure by letting nerves get to you?

– Do you have the yips?

– Do you lose focus over the course of 18 holes?

– Do you not have an effective practice plan to reach your goals?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then keep reading. I have the solution to get you consistently moving towards your best with every round.

Most golfers have so much untapped potential because it’s their mental game that needs work, not their technique.  Throughout the 15 years I’ve spent working with golfers of all levels, it’s become very obvious to me why the average golfer doesn’t improve. In the past 40 years the average handicap has not fallen, despite huge advancements in the how the technical side of the game is taught and the clubs and balls available. How can this be? Are we missing something? The answer is “yes”.

How is it that golfers can “find their swing” and play great during one round, and then “lose it” during the next one? Is this because their swing is better some days than it is others? Or is it that mindset and mood change between rounds which affects how well you can access your best abilities?

Through my research and coaching experience, I’ve developed a series of products that will allow you to develop the mindset for confidence and focus, so that you can reproduce that “range swing” or practice game, during every round. Through building you a repeatable process, so you focus on those things that will help you most during a shot, and being able to switch on your “athletic mind”, you’ll be able to reach a level of consistency in your game that you haven’t experienced before. By learning how to control your emotional state and remain calm, you’ll achieve a “quiet mind” that will allow you to play the game, instead of playing “golf swing”.

Aimed all golfers, from the weekend to elite player, this audio and workbook series is a practical guide that will direct you to your best golf ever. Thousands of golfers have already gone through this program, with great success.

Become the best you can be with the full suite of Golf State of Mind Training Systems.

The Golf State of Mind Training Bundle



My flagship product. 7 module eBook and over 4 hours of mental game audio lessons

Learn how to:

  • Access your best skills in the pressure moments
  • Use The Power of “A Killer Pre-Shot Routine”
  • Process negatives and stay confident
  • Control tension and the tempo of your swing
  • Stay present and calm in between shots
  • Build confidence and self-belief in between rounds
  • Review your rounds to build on positives and improve your weaknesses

Set goals and practice objectives to keep you motivated and using your time as effectively as possible.

In this pdf workbook you’ll:

  • Find out what’s causing your yips
  • Switch your thinking from negative outcomes to a positive process
  • Change your inner belief
  • Eliminate performance anxiety
  • Learn mental techniques to cure the yips
  • Learn technical changes to cure the yips
  • Discover practice drills to eliminate the yips

In this Audio series and pdf workbook, you’ll learn:

  • The Tour Player Putting Process
  • How To Putt Better Under Pressure
  • The Best Putting Warm-up
  • Putting Fundamentals
  • A Fluid Putting Stroke
  • How To Measure Your Progress
  • Effective Putting Practice Drills

In this pdf workbook, you’ll:

  • Learn how to use your valuable practice time most effectively
  • Find over 50 Competitive Skills Drills to test all areas of your game
  • Find out how to assess your game
  • Learn how to set goals and be accountable
  • Find out how to practice for pressure situations

In this 30 min audio series, you’ll learn:

  • How get into the mindset for a great round
  • How To Boost Confidence before your round
  • How to maximize your chance of a good start
  • How to warm up your mental game
  • Physical game warm-up
  • How to enjoy your round no matter how you play
  • Reminders of what’s most important to shoot low scores

Get Over 4 hours of Mental Game and Practice Audio Lessons

Check out a couple of samples

David’s Promise

David Mackenzie

David MacKenzie is an expert on the mental game of golf and resides in Washington D.C. He currently coaches players of all levels including tour players and elite college golfers.

Because David knows you’ll love the Ultimate Mental Game Training System, every Golf State of Mind product comes with a 60 day, money back guarantee. If you ever have an issue, you can always reach us at


“Since I realized the importance and starting laying more emphasis on the mental aspect of the game of golf, I have not only lowered my scoring average but also changed my outlook on how to approach each shot. Working with David has helped me neutralize the emotional connection to each shot, leading to better pre- and post-shot routines, shot acceptance and decision making. Lessening the “emotional rollercoasters” therefore contributes towards maintaining a consistent attitude throughout the round. This has let me excel when I am playing well, yet still prevail when I have brought my B-game to a tournament.”

Ronan Kleu, Swiss Amateur Champion, Columbus State University

“Since working with David Mackenzie my outlook on golf has completely changed and because of that my success has continued to grow! Instead of measuring my rounds by by score I now measure my rounds by how well my process was and by no coincidence it seems that when my process is better my scores are lower. I am excited to keep working with him and see where this journey takes us.”

Matt Campbell, Korn Ferry Tour

I have been working with David MacKenzie for several years and have really learned and benefitted from his wealth of information. How to utilize my time to practice and prepare for tournaments has been extremely helpful as well. With 11 grandchildren I spend much less time practicing these days! Also using the mental score card in competition has definitely helped me solidify my pre and post shot routine in competition. My scores are considerably better in tournament play vs casual play. Thanks David!

Gary Daniels, 33 time Club Champion

“Working with David has been very productive and beneficial for me. He is a great listener and has equipped me with a variety of tools to face pressure. The mental aspect of the game is a never ending process but thanks to David, now I do have a process! He trains me to focus on what I can control and on having specific process goals in order to stay grounded in the present moment at all times. I am beyond grateful to have David on my team.”

Cyril Bouniol, Korn Ferry Tour, PGA Tour China Winner

“David has helped me truly enjoy my golf by helping me let go of expectation and results and play with freedom and focus. The rewards for my work with David has been showing in my recent achievements one being winning the Slovakia Amateur Championship.”

Filip Raza, Winner of Slovakia Amateur at age 17, 5th In Spanish Boys

“Working with David has really helped me develop a strong mental process meaning my focus is in the right place before and during shots, which makes a big difference when playing tournament golf”.

Josh Hill, Youngest-ever Tour Winner

“David has been a tremendous help preparing mentally for tournaments and helping me with techniques to deal with the challenges in every round. I’ve never felt so ready for an event before it starts.”

Connor Golembski, Berkeley University Golf Team

“David is a great speaker and does a wonderful job making the mental side of golf relatable to golfers of all levels. His approach is very practical and easy to follow and the library of resources is extremely useful! I recommend my students work with David – he bridges the gap between instruction and bringing your game to the course!”

Erika Larkin, No.1 Teacher In Virginia voted by Golf Digest

“David has helped me reach a new level in my golf game. He has equipped me with a toolbox full of techniques to help me succeed in high pressure situations. One of the things we have focused on is building a process that works for me and that I can rely on. Since I started working with David I have learned how to build confidence, which is a key to competing at the highest level.”

Maia Schechter, LPGA Tour, All American at UNC

“Working with David has helped me tremendously. From my routines in tournaments, state of mind before and during events, helping me to make my practice as productive as possible and helping me to focus more on what I can control. Since I’ve been working with David I feel a lot more comfortable in tournaments and every week I’m gaining more confidence.”

Gabriella Cowley, Ladies European Tour

David MacKenzie has helped me take my game to the next level especially by being able to stay more present on the golf course. He knows what it takes to get to the next level in golf!

David Harrison, 3 Time Texas Junior Golf Tour Winner

“Working with David has been monumental for my golf game. He has taught me how to score in tournaments and be very successful in them. He makes everything so easy to understand and very fun to learn. I am very grateful for David and his coaching. Great coach and an even better guy.”

Buddy Wehrli, 2018 Nick Faldo Major Champions Participant

“If you want to consistently perform better on the golf course, under pressure, work with David MacKenzie! In a brief amount of time, he’s taught me mental skills which have helped me play great golf. His affirmations helped boost my confidence to believe in myself and my abilities.”

Lauryn Nguyen, 2017 Washington State Junior Champion

“Working with David MacKenzie helped me reach a whole new level in my game and the techniques we worked on were key to my winning this year’s Russian Junior Championship. He has a great insight into the mind of an elite golfer and I use his techniques during every round to keep me confident and focused. Thanks David!”

Anastasia Bakal, Russia Junior Champion, UAE Ladies Amateur Open Champion, 3rd in Russian Amateur Championship

David is amazing!! After just one short session, I knew my golf game would improve. David gave me techniques that really helped free up my putting. I’m much more relaxed and confident on the greens. He also taught me ways to stay in the present moment. This is a constant struggle and David’s unique post-round review worksheet really keeps me on track. Thanks David!! Your work is priceless!!

Nicole Jeray, LPGA Tour Player

5 Essential Coaching Products, 1 Amazing Price!

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5 Essential Coaching Products, 1 Amazing Price!

Buy Now – A $200 Value for $79

5 out of 5 stars!