The Mental Game Training System That's Helped Thousands Reach Their True Potential...

Tired of not being able to score better?

  • Are you frustrated that you can’t play as well as you practice?
  • Do you always score worse under pressure by letting nerves get to you?
  • Do you have the yips?
  • Do you lose focus over the course of 18 holes?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then keep reading. I have the solution to get you consistently moving towards your best with every round.

What you'll get:

  • The Ultimate Mental Game Training System
  • 5 hours of audio lessons
  • The Golf State of Mind Practice System
  • 60 day Money back guarantee

What's inside:

- Why traditional golf coaching doesn't work
- It's time to stop chasing perfection
- A new way to improve utilizing the power of the mental game

- Where do you want to go? Why is it important to know this?
- The Simple Equation For Great Golf
- The phases of thinking during a round of golf
- Process vs Outcome Thinking

- How to maximize your chances of hitting a great shot
- How the brain works during a great golf shot
- The Steps of The Shot Routine
- Course Strategy/Shot Selection
- Mental and Physical Rehearsal
- Breathe!
- Mental and physical triggers
- Optimal swing thoughts
- How to accept shots and move on

- Controlling nerves and stress
- Managing "The 90%"
- Techniques for in between shots
- Bounce-back
- Building Confidence and Mental Toughness
- Focus and Concentration
- Patience
- Be prepared to scramble
- Don't get technical
- Staying neutral

- 10 Minute Mental Game Warm-up
- Expectations - Pre-round goals
- A better way to measure your success
- Pre-round visualization
- What to take away from practice rounds
- Pre-round Relaxation
- Nutrition for a great round
- Being prepared
- Putting Warm-up
- Short Game Warm-up
- Range Warm-up

- Post-round evaluation questions
- Calculating Your Mental Score
- Building upon success and correcting mistakes

- Goal setting
- Your Inner Vision
- The Golf Life Mirror

Complete Audio Version of All Modules!

Check out the audio samples

David Harrison Golf

David MacKenzie has helped me take my game to the next level especially by being able to stay more present on the golf course. He knows what it takes to get to the next level in golf!

Lauryn Nguyen Golf

“If you want to consistently perform better on the golf course, under pressure, work with David MacKenzie! In a brief amount of time, he’s taught me mental skills which have helped me play great golf. His affirmations helped boost my confidence to believe in myself and my abilities.”

Anastasia Bakal

“Working with David MacKenzie helped me reach a whole new level in my game and the techniques we worked on were key to my winning this year’s Russian Junior Championship. He has a great insight into the mind of an elite golfer and I use his techniques during every round to keep me confident and focused. Thanks David!”

Nicole Jeray

David is amazing!! After just one short session, I knew my golf game would improve. David gave me techniques that really helped free up my putting. I’m much more relaxed and confident on the greens. He also taught me ways to stay in the present moment. This is a constant struggle and David’s unique post-round review worksheet really keeps me on track. Thanks David!! Your work is priceless!!


David has been a huge help to making me break-thru mental barriers that prevented me from playing golf to my full potential. The work David and I have done together has made me confident in my abilities and trust that I have what it takes to play great. David’s mental techniques to unlocking my golf game have helped me push through junior golf and move onto the collegiate level.


David’s teaching cuts through all the noise in golf coaching and gets to the heart of what’s really needed to consistently improve.

Maia Test

“David has helped me reach a new level in my golf game. He has equipped me with a toolbox full of techniques to help me succeed in high pressure situations. One of the things we have focused on is building a process that works for me and that I can rely on. Since I started working with David I have learned how to build confidence, which is a key to competing at the highest level.”


David has helped me quieten my mind in pressure situations and given me a solid mental process to manage my thoughts and emotions for the entire round. It’s given me a whole new level of confidence in my game and it show’s in my results.


“David has helped me remove those mental blocks that we’re preventing me from taking my game to a new level. David’s sessions have made me feel more confident and helped me trust my swing. His system makes the mental side of the game easy to comprehend and easy to take action to use it to your full advantage. Thanks David!”

Steve Patterson Pga

As a student, coach and instructor in the game of golf I have dedicated endless hours in research of the best approach to conquering the mental side of golf. David MacKenzie has developed the ultimate mental game training system for golf. David has put together a program that not only explains “what to do” but clearly defines “how to do it”. Providing an effective and easy to implement system is where many mental game coaches fall short and David’s program is absolutely spot on!

Ben Doyle Golf

“Working with David has given me the tools to become much more confident in my potential as a golfer. He tailored his teachings to my individual weaknesses and helped me overcome negative thoughts that I had experienced on the course. His work with numerous elite players has given him tremendous insight into what it takes to play to the best of your ability. “

Dr. Glen Albaugh

Of all the mental training packages available, Golf State of Mind is at the highest level. The content is superbly written based on good science, and knowledge David has gained from the many high-level players with whom he works. More importantly, the drills and exercises for their application are clear. Dial-in! This stuff really works.

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