The Mental Game Training System That's Helped Thousands Reach Their True Potential...

Tired of not being able to score better?

  • Are you frustrated that you can’t play as well as you practice?
  • Do you always score worse under pressure by letting nerves get to you?
  • Do you have the yips?
  • Do you lose focus over the course of 18 holes?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then keep reading. I have the solution to get you consistently moving towards your best with every round.

What you'll get:

  • The Ultimate Mental Game Training System
  • 5 hours of audio lessons
  • The Golf State of Mind Practice System
  • 60 day Money back guarantee

What's inside:


- Why traditional golf coaching doesn't work
- It's time to stop chasing perfection
- A new way to improve utilizing the power of the mental game


- Where do you want to go? Why is it important to know this?
- The Simple Equation For Great Golf
- The phases of thinking during a round of golf
- Process vs Outcome Thinking


- How to maximize your chances of hitting a great shot
- How the brain works during a great golf shot
- The Steps of The Shot Routine
- Course Strategy/Shot Selection
- Mental and Physical Rehearsal
- Breathe!
- Mental and physical triggers
- Optimal swing thoughts
- How to accept shots and move on


- Controlling nerves and stress
- Managing "The 90%"
- Techniques for in between shots
- Bounce-back
- Building Confidence and Mental Toughness
- Focus and Concentration
- Patience
- Be prepared to scramble
- Don't get technical
- Staying neutral


- 10 Minute Mental Game Warm-up
- Expectations - Pre-round goals
- A better way to measure your success
- Pre-round visualization
- What to take away from practice rounds
- Pre-round Relaxation
- Nutrition for a great round
- Being prepared
- Putting Warm-up
- Short Game Warm-up
- Range Warm-up


- Post-round evaluation questions
- Calculating Your Mental Score
- Building upon success and correcting mistakes


- Goal setting
- Your Inner Vision
- The Golf Life Mirror

Complete Audio Version of All Modules!


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Tanner Gore

“Working with David has helped me in many ways, from goal setting to being mindful of how I am thinking and feeling during times of pressure, stress, happiness, etc. The things that David has taught me, not only apply to golf, but to every day life, and have helped me grow as a golfer and a person.”

Emmanuelle Hewson Golf

“Working with David has allowed me to completely shift my perspective whilst competing to allow myself to become more mentally tough. My confidence has soared as I have learned how to deal with any negative self talk as well as being able to separate what happens on the golf course from my life outside of golf.”

Carlo Pizzano

Since I started working with David 4 years ago, he has helped me work on my mindset for both on and off the course. As a result, I’ve become a more mentally tough and confident player, which has led to more success in tournaments and more productivity and well-being off the course.

Florian Blatti

“Over the last year, David has not only helped me find my game back, but helped me elevate it to new levels. With his online lessons and video calls, I was able to drastically change my approach of the game. My attention is less outcome driven and more process driven now. This has not only helped me reduce the emotional attachment to shots, but it ultimately made me a happier golfer.”

Jackson Harris Golf

“The mental coaching sessions I’ve done with David have helped me play through some of the biggest moments in my golf career. I wouldn’t have been able to play some of my best golf without him and he has helped me play more relaxed golf and made it more exciting for me.”


“After working with David for a few years now, I can already tell the significant improvement in not just my golf game but in my overall well being too. I used to let my golf scores dictate my life, good or bad, but after my lessons with David, I have gotten to learn and be comfortable with that it is just a game, and life goes on. Subsequently, my scores dropped by 5 shots on average, and I am at much more at peace with myself. Thanks David!”

PHOTO 2021 02 04 17 24 44

“The importance of the mental game in golf can’t be overstated and David has been an instrumental part in my mental development as a golfer and individual. Since I began working with David, he has devoted a great deal of time and effort into helping me strive for excellence and achieve my goals. In the past year or so, I can owe a a great deal of my success to the guidance and wisdom he has provided me.”

Ronan Kleu

“Since I realized the importance and starting laying more emphasis on the mental aspect of the game of golf, I have not only lowered my scoring average but also changed my outlook on how to approach each shot. Working with David has helped me neutralize the emotional connection to each shot, leading to better pre- and post-shot routines, shot acceptance and decision making. Lessening the “emotional rollercoasters” therefore contributes towards maintaining a consistent attitude throughout the round. This has let me excel when I am playing well, yet still prevail when I have brought my B-game to a tournament.”

Matt Campbell Korn Ferry Tour

“Since working with David Mackenzie my outlook on golf has completely changed and because of that my success has continued to grow! Instead of measuring my rounds by by score I now measure my rounds by how well my process was and by no coincidence it seems that when my process is better my scores are lower. I am excited to keep working with him and see where this journey takes us.”

Gary Daniels

I have been working with David MacKenzie for several years and have really learned and benefitted from his wealth of information. How to utilize my time to practice and prepare for tournaments has been extremely helpful as well. With 11 grandchildren I spend much less time practicing these days! Also using the mental score card in competition has definitely helped me solidify my pre and post shot routine in competition. My scores are considerably better in tournament play vs casual play. Thanks David!

Cyril Bouniol

“Working with David has been very productive and beneficial for me. He is a great listener and has equipped me with a variety of tools to face pressure. The mental aspect of the game is a never ending process but thanks to David, now I do have a process! He trains me to focus on what I can control and on having specific process goals in order to stay grounded in the present moment at all times. I am beyond grateful to have David on my team.”

Filip Raza

“David has helped me truly enjoy my golf by helping me let go of expectation and results and play with freedom and focus. The rewards for my work with David has been showing in my recent achievements one being winning the Slovakia Amateur Championship.”

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