Picture the scene…

You’ve gone though your pre-shot routine, you’re over the ball getting ready to swing and then….

You start to doubt.

Is this the right club?

I missed the last one left so should I try and swing more inside on this one…

Am I aligned correctly?

I really need to make par here…

Whatever it is, if you have anything but a positive thought before taking the club back, you’re not going to execute the shot you want.

The 1 or 2 seconds before a shot is plenty of time for you to undo all your good work, which is why it’s the most important part of a shot.
But this is purely a mental thing and it can be changed easily. I want to help you have the confidence a Tour player has over the ball.

Over the past couple of months I’ve been looking for new and innovative ways to help my students get better at this fundamental part of the mental game.

While I was researching how the average player can improve positive focus and reduce negative distractions, I came across a behavioral and sports psychologist who claims to have developed a system which solves the 3 biggest problems that most golfers experience during every round:

  • An average player’s inconsistencies are due to way too much thinking before a golf shot instead of being able to focus on the ball, the target and how it will get there.
  • An average player uses too much of the left (analytical) side of the brain in their thought process and not enough of the right (creative) side, the side which deals with rhythm, timing and coordination.
  • Tour Players are able to have a moment of complete clarity before a shot, when they get into “The Zone” or “Flow State”. Most average players do not achieve this state and this 1-2 seconds has a huge effect on performance.

When I asked him how he solves these problems, he introduced me to several mental training concepts that I knew little about, but his confidence in them sounded hugely convincing. So I gave it a try…

And it was surprisingly simple and VERY effective.

And this is why I’m writing you this email.

Since I took this program my own focus has improved enormously. I make far less mistakes and my positive intention for every shot is even more vivid. My students of all handicaps experienced the same results, telling me they were able to think more clearly before a shot and stay mentally tough during a round.

If you’d like to learn more about this system, please watch the short video below.