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5 Tips to Remove Your Golf Fears and Blocks

Fears and blocks raise your golf score. It’s similar to what your golf pro teaches, that when you focus on avoiding the hazard then that’s where your balls going to drop. It’s all part of the mental game of golf.

The resistance may be at a particular hole on the course, match play, or your golf partner. The right strategy helps you to turn it around for breakthrough performance. And the only way to do that is to learn how to pay attention to what matters most, the shot that you’re playing now.

There are several similarities between fears and blocks, and one important difference.

The effect of fears and blocks:

• Affect focus
• Break confidence
• Raise anxiety
• Cause resistance
• Influence perception
• Create doubt

The primary difference is the source. Blocks are related to your confidence in your skills and your challenge. That’s when you doubt yourself and want to avoid failure.

Unlike blocks, fears are about something outside of your control. It’s a helpless feeling. The lack of control builds pressure.

Golf is a mental game and that’s why mental toughness matters. White knuckling your way through doesn’t work because it just tightens your grip. Instead you want to create a new perspective so the fears and blocks lose its power over you.

The golfers that I work with learn to maintain focus under pressure to build confidence. The resistance decreases as you train your mental game.

Get started with these 5 steps:

1. Strengths. Know your strengths. Learn to access them under pressure.
2. Shift. Avoiding problems disrupts your focus. Seek out the opportunities.
3. Step out of the box. Create out a new response to pressure.
4. Strategize. Let’s discover what the fears and blocks are really about. Then the plan to release its grip over you.
5. Support. Find the people who want you to succeed.

First decide if you’re ready to turn things around. Like changing your grip, consistency leads to improvement. My clients that are committed to their golf game recognize the importance of their mindset. And playing golf is a lot more fun when you enjoy the challenges.

Regardless of your level of play, fears and blocks will happen. Imagine how your game would be different if your self talk didn’t break your momentum. That’s when your motivation to succeed is stronger than the desire to avoid something uncomfortable. It’s time you know about the mindset strategies of champion golfers so you can rise up to the challenge too.

Challenge: How do fears and blocks affect your game? If you’re ready to turn it around then use the solution steps to get started. Work on an easy challenge first to boost your confidence. Consistency is important. With time you’ll notice that what had once been difficult is now easy.

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