Celebrate Your Success

What? Me Successful? Sure! Too many of us forget that we’ve done successful things
because we tend to remember the “UN” successful things, don’t we? You hit a good
shot and complain that you hit the ball off center or you complain that you got a lucky
bounce. You recover well and yet complain that you hit a lousy shot that got you in
trouble in the first place.


If you realized how much you were weakening yourself and your game—you’d stop.


Celebrate your successes right now–you’ve had them–they’re not hard to locate. You
just have to start remembering them! Did you ever get it right? Sure you have. Did
you ever play well? Sure you have. Did you ever hit a great shot or make the right
choice of shot or club selection? Sure you have. Did you ever fail? Sure you have but
remembering THAT with such gusto weakens you, doesn’t it? Sure it does.

Here’s a simple question. What do you put more emotional intensity behind—the things
you do well or the things you did poorly? C’mon. Be honest! 90% answer this with “the
things I did poorly”. Remember, if that’s what you’re going to record (by talking, feeling it
and thinking about it)—you can’t be surprised when those poor memories and negative
experiences are all you have on your tape when you hit the “play back” button!

If you want the things that make you feel good, confident and optimistic to show
up more often, then darn it—RECORD THEM. This isn’t just an idle “tip”. There is
real “meat” behind it and when you truly understand how your mind/body/emotion
relationship really works—you’ll see why this is so important.

For now though—make your list and enjoy what’s it’s like to remember again.


Photo by Keith Aliison

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David Breslow

was voted “Most Requested Coach” by Ameritech Leadership, the weekly Mental Game columnist for The Golf Channel and appeareda on TGC on”Academy Live.” David is also the guest speaker at PGA and LPGA educational workshops, LaCosta Resort and Spa as well as numerous clubs, organizations and businesses. In addition he is host of his own radio show called, “Your Personal Best” and has been a guest on ESPN and WGN radio.

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