“Light is Right” When You Feel Under Pressure

When we feel pressure on the golf course, it is the natural reaction to tense the muscles. This is the natural response of all animals when they feel threatened or feel fear. The first place that is affected is the hands which results in a stonger grip pressure. This inhibits the natural flow of the swing and leads to a poor execution. If we can recognize this, we can work work towards relieving it. A good way to do this is on the driving range. Experiment with different grip pressures and see the affect on your shots. You will start to lose control as your grip becomes more tense.

When you are feeling pressure on the golf course, make this a check you go through. It is especially significant in short game and putting. As Tiger Woods tells us “light is right”.

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David MacKenzie

is a mental golf coach and lives in Washington DC. He is the founder of Golf State of Mind, a teaching program designed to help golfers condition their minds to overcome fear and play with confidence.

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