Quick Golf Tips

6 Quick Golf Tips For Your Next Round

Here a few quick golf tips to remember and implement for your next round of golf:

1. Have fun

Make this decision on your way to the course. Whatever happens, you’re going to enjoy it. Having this shift in mentality will help you stay more relaxed when the pressure’s on. It’s a game after-all, not life or death.

2. No Swing Thoughts

Save these for your practice time. Make routine and focusing on shot shape and target your goal. Trying to correct your swing and making what your body’s doing is only going to disconnect you from the shot you are intending to hit. It’s all about the target.


3. Play Smooth and Relaxed Golf

When you start to feel pressure, or get a little hard on yourself, your muscles get tighter and you start to swing quicker. Most swing problems during a round are caused by this, so instead of analyzing your swing, try simply lightening your grip a little. Reducing the tension in your hands will relax your muscles throughout your whole body and you’ll start swinging a lot smoother and your ball striking will improve.

4. Accept Every Shot and Roll With The Punches

A round of golf can be an emotional roller-coaster if you let it. Getting frustrated with shots that don’t go where you planned is the quickest way to start hitting more. Even getting slightly upset can cause tension which leads to tighter muscles and more bad swings.

Rory McIroy said this week:

I’ve become a little too emotionally involved with my golf over the past few months and let it either get me excited or down where I should not get too high or too low…The thing he (Coach Dave Stockton) said last year that I am trying to do again is that if someone is watching you from the outside, don’t let them know whether you have made a birdie or a bogey.

As Rory knows all too well, emotions have to be taken out of the game and replaced with a steady, calm disposition. Tell yourself before every shot, that if this shot doesn’t go where you intend, you are not going to get upset. You’ll start to take pressure off yourself and play more relaxed, which you’ll feel in your attitude and your swing.

5. Stick To Your Pre-shot Routine

Make this your goal, not your score. The more you can focus on the process of doing everything right, the more good shots you’ll hit. The pre-shot routine it what you need to do this. For a KILLER pre-shot routine and other ways to play your best golf consistently, check out the Golf State of Mind Training Program here.

6. Play With A Strategy

Play for par and attack when you can. You are going to miss fairways and greens, we all do it and so do the top players in the world. But from my experience of teaching and watching tour pros, their misses are so much better than the amateur. In other words, when you’re playing your tee shots and approaches, think about where you would want to miss it (if this happens), to and adjust your target accordingly. This will give you the best chance of making par. When you’re in a good position to attack, take it!


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David MacKenzie

is a mental golf coach and lives in Washington DC. He is the founder of Golf State of Mind, a teaching program designed to help golfers condition their minds to overcome fear and play with confidence.

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